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% Synthesis of stationary sinusoids using OverLap-Add (OLA)
% Octave compatible
% Description
% This is a simple OverLap-Add (OLA) synthesis method. Thus, no frequency
% matching (connections between sinusoids between neighbor frames) is done.
% Inputs
% frames : N structures containing sinusoidal parameters.
% For each frame, the sinusoid parameters are in a matrix with format:
% [4xK] for each column: the frequency [Hz], the linear amplitude,
% the instantaneous phase [rad] and the harmonic number of each
% sinusoidal component.
% The DC is ALWAYS included at the beginning of the matrix.
% [wavlen]: [samples] Length of the waveform
% [fs] : [Hz] Sampling frequency of the synthesized waveform
% [opt] : Additional options (see code below)
% Outputs
% syn : The synthesized waveform
% fs : The sampling frequency of the synthesized waveform
% Example
% Please se the HOWTO_sinusoidal example
% Copyright (c) 2012 University of Crete - Computer Science Department
% License
% This file is under the LGPL license, you can
% redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General
% Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3
% of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This file is
% distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;
% without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A
% PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more
% details.
% This function is part of the Covarep project:
% Author
% Gilles Degottex <>
function [syn fs opt] = sin_synthesis_ola(frames, wavlen, fs, opt)
if nargin<4
% Options
opt.win_fn = @hanning; % Bounds have to be strictly >0
% Options
opt.syn_dc = true;
opt.debug = 1;
opt.fmapin{1} = {{'frames', 'wavlen', 'fs'}, 'sin'};
opt.fmapout{1} = {{'syn', 'fs'}, 'snd'};
if nargin==0; syn=opt; return; end
disp('Sinusoidal Synthesis');
if opt.debug>0; disp(opt); end
syn = zeros(wavlen,1);
wins = zeros(wavlen,1);
pb = progressbar(numel(frames));
for ind=1:numel(frames)
winlen = frames(ind).winlen;
win = opt.win_fn(winlen);
dftlen = frames(ind).dftlen;
winids = -(winlen-1)/2:(winlen-1)/2;
ids = round(frames(ind).t*fs)+1 + winids; % Indices of the window in the signal
if ids(1)<1 || ids(end)>wavlen;
error('Part of the frame is out of the signal');
% Get the sinusoids parameters used for the synthesis
sins = frames(ind).sins;
if ~opt.syn_dc
sins = sins(:,2:end); % If asked, drop the DC
% Synthesize the frame content
y = sin2sig(sins, fs, winlen);
y = 2*y; % the signal is assumed to be real,
% thus "add" the negative frequencies
syn(ids) = syn(ids) + y.*win; % Window the frame and add it to the sig
wins(ids) = wins(ids) + win; % Sum the windows to normalize after
if 0 && opt.debug>1 && T(ind)>0.3
pb = progressbar(pb, ind);
pb = progressbar(pb, numel(frames));
% Normalize the signal by the sum of the windows
idx = find(wins>0);
syn(idx) = syn(idx)./wins(idx);
if opt.debug>1