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An NPM installer for SFDX, API interface for and all Salesforce DX features.

Build Status

Building and Installing

npm install sfdx-prebuilt

Or grab the source and

node ./install.js

What this installer is really doing is just grabbing a particular "blessed" (by this module) version of SFDX. As new versions of SFDX are released and vetted, this module will be updated accordingly.

Running via node

The package exports a path string that contains the path to the SFDX binary/executable.

Below is an example of using this package via node.

var path = require('path')
var childProcess = require('child_process')
var sfdx = require('sfdx-prebuilt')
var binPath = sfdx.path

var childArgs = [

childProcess.execFile(binPath, childArgs, function(err, stdout, stderr) {
  // handle results

Or exec() method is also provided for convenience:

var sfdx = require('sfdx-prebuilt')
var program = sfdx.exec('force', '--help')
program.on('exit', function(code) {
  // do something on end

Note: childProcess.spawn() is called inside exec().


The major and minor number tracks the version of SFDX that will be installed. The patch number is incremented when there is either an installer update or a patch build of the sfdx binary.