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2008-03-17 16:13 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_AutoSubmit_Select_Field.php: Use <span
style="white-space:nowrap">...</span> instead of the old
<nobr>...</nobr> way.
2008-03-14 10:04 patrick
* CC_ErrorManager.php: Remove "client" from the error_log() string.
2008-03-14 10:03 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Credit_Card_Field.php: Remove an error_log() call
that was driving me crazy!!
2008-03-14 08:58 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Email_Field.php: Removed some parentheses.
2008-03-14 08:57 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Some extra cleanup.
2008-02-07 17:59 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Credit_Card_Field.php: Allow one to force the
masking of the number in getEditHTML().
2008-01-08 16:03 patrick
* CC_Database.php: If $ccDatabaseAlertPrefix is set, prepend it to
the email subject. This way we can tag email alerts to correspond
to a given application.
2008-01-08 13:42 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Pass the query into openDatabase() so that if
there is a connection error, we'll get that query in the alert
2007-09-14 11:01 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Search_Handler.php: assume no where clause
for download all...
2007-09-10 14:24 patrick
* CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php,
CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Search_Handler.php: Added
setAssumeNoWhereClause() to CC_Summary_Search_Component. When set
to true, it will always use add "where" before the query additions
instead of looking to see if the string "where" exists in the
query. This will work-around the problem with complex queries that
contain subselects which have their own where clauses.
2007-08-01 11:56 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Finally fix those damn IE errors!
2007-07-26 22:17 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Export timestamp in sortable format in
2007-07-19 20:36 jamie
* CC_Fields/: CC_Currency_Field.php, CC_Dollar_Field.php:
CC_Currency_Field for other currencies.
2007-07-19 10:11 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Construct session query string manually
instead of relying on SID constant.
2007-07-19 10:09 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_InternalRewriteUrl_Handler.php: SID constant
doesn't seem to be set sometimes after using
2007-07-16 11:35 jamie
* CC_Application.php: Add ability to include an onSubmit handler to
the CC_Form using setOnSubmit().
2007-06-06 11:59 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: don't return nothing if there
is a value for the select list (even though it may not be an item
in the options... return the value.
2007-05-17 16:57 mike
* CC_Window.php: Defer validation of CC_Checkbox associated field.
2007-05-15 10:12 patrick
* CC_Utilities.php: Update cc_mail() to accept an array of
recipients as well as a regular string.
2007-05-12 18:12 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton_Field.php: Create a radio button
delimiter, so it's easy to put them veritcal &nbsp; or horizontal
2007-05-01 18:03 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_TextArea_Field.php: Maxwords needs to get even if
auto-link is off.
2007-04-26 12:02 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Checkbox_Field.php: Added setAssociatedField to
checkboxes. Use 1 for Yes, 0 for No.
2007-04-25 13:28 mike
* CC_Record.php: Added getRecordKey to the Record so you can get
the record key without having to call this method through a field.
2007-04-24 15:03 mike
* CC_Summary.php: get the download all filename.
2007-04-23 17:57 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_TextArea_Field.php: Added setMaxWords() method.
2007-04-21 17:06 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_SelectList_Field.php: A little fix in
getEditHTML() to rid us of a warning.
2007-04-21 15:11 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_SelectList_Field.php: Add support in
getHTML() for id="" using CC_Field's setId().
2007-04-20 17:31 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Fixed updateFieldsFromPage() such that if a field
has associated fields, it defers validation until the end so that
we have the updated values for the associated fields before the
parent field is validated. No more cockamaney ordering of fields!!
2007-04-20 17:26 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_Choice_Field.php: Remove two lines of code
that didn't need to be there.
2007-04-12 14:33 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Remove an error_log() line in
2007-04-05 14:25 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Eliminate PHP warning for newer versions of PHP.
2007-04-05 14:24 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_100_PercentFieldHandler.php: Removed useless
2007-03-21 20:35 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_TextArea_Field.php: Fix a bug in getEditHTML().
2007-01-26 14:15 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_TextArea_Field.php: Add a class="" to getEditHTML().
2007-01-08 13:08 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: don't need debug output! :O
2007-01-07 11:39 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_ISO_Country_Field.php: Finished (some were missing)
the signature of the constructor so the args of the parent object
will be used.
2007-01-06 13:39 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Expiry_Date_Field.php: Only set startYear if it's
not already specified.
2007-01-06 13:38 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Expiry_Date_Field.php: Start year for expiry date
should always be current year.
2006-12-28 13:59 mike
* CC_Fields/: CC_Dollar_Field.php, CC_FloatNumber_Field.php: Allow
2006-12-10 16:06 jamie
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Id_Link_Filter.php: Ability to specify a
target for the link.
2006-11-23 18:00 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Cancel that.
2006-11-23 17:57 patrick
* CC_Database.php: free() the $result in doInsert().
2006-11-23 17:40 patrick
* CC_Database.php: More fixes.
2006-11-23 17:36 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Free the prepared statement in
2006-11-23 17:28 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Fix doPreparedSelect() to return the PEAR_Error
object when there's an error instead of false.
2006-11-09 17:01 patrick
* CC_Index.php: Remove the old $requireAllAdditionalFolders thang.
2006-11-06 15:28 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Set an argument to choose the
2006-11-02 10:38 mike
* CC_RelationshipManager.php: We can now use args to set variables
in the getField function of this object, boo-yaa!
2006-11-02 10:36 mike
* CC_RelationshipManager.php: syntax error.
2006-11-02 10:35 mike
* CC_RelationshipManager.php: one last try...
2006-11-02 10:32 mike
* CC_RelationshipManager.php: Trying to set args...
2006-11-02 10:04 mike
* CC_RelationshipManager.php: Additional where clause when adding
2006-10-30 18:08 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: Fixed an infinite loop bug in
2006-10-25 16:05 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Dollar_Field.php: Strip out all non-number and
decimal characters.
2006-10-25 16:04 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_FloatNumber_Field.php: Strip out all non number and
decimal characters.
2006-10-25 14:27 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php: Find the next file
to upload to based on the number of fields we have, not the number
of files being uploaded.
2006-10-18 17:53 patrick
* pngfix.js: Set the width and the height of the fixed image to
that of the original.
2006-10-17 10:56 patrick
* CC_Index.php: Add a hook for applications like
to require additional folders/files...
If the function _n2o_init() exists, N2O will load it before
starting the application.
2006-09-29 17:10 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Fixed a JavaScript error in getFormClose()
that seems to only be a problem in Firecrap.
2006-09-28 13:25 jamie
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_XLS_Summary_Handler.php: Removed double
quotes from Excel download filename.
2006-07-23 23:11 jamie
* CC_Components/CC_Query_Additions/CC_Date_Query_Addition.php:
Added Date Query Addition.
2006-07-12 12:01 mike
* CC_Index.php: Parse error... crap!
2006-07-12 12:00 mike
* CC_Index.php: Require once variable defined folders to decrease
memory usage, boo-yaa!
2006-05-29 12:42 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Percentage_Filter.php: Remove some debug
2006-05-24 16:23 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Added a stack trace to the email.
2006-05-18 17:28 jamie
* CC_Handlers/CC_Delete_Ordered_Record_Handler.php,
CC_Windows/CC_Delete_Ordered_Confirm_Window.php: Fixed the ordered
summary so it works.
2006-05-18 11:08 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Percentage_Filter.php: Don't display
bar-end.png if percent == 0.
2006-05-18 09:28 patrick
* cc_styles.css, CC_Images/bar-100.gif, CC_Images/bar-empty.gif,
CC_Images/bar-end.png, CC_Images/bar-orange.gif,
CC_Images/bar-red.gif, CC_Images/bar-yellow.gif,
CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Percentage_Filter.php: A long-overdue update
to the percentage thingy...
2006-05-17 17:23 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Month_Filter.php: Waste of space/memory...
2006-05-12 16:37 mike
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Percentage_Filter.php: Round to avoid...
2006-05-09 16:36 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Get rid of instance variables we don't need to
store, and don't try to close the database connection if it's an
2006-05-09 16:24 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Don't close the database connection until the
object is serialized.
2006-02-17 18:15 patrick
* CC_Summary.php, CC_Handlers/CC_Download_ZIP_Summary_Handler.php,
CC_Images/cc_summary.excel-tab.png: A few fixes for
2005-12-31 10:31 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Problem: GetRawSummary was indexing the
LAST_MODIFIED column by name, instead of by number.
Solution: Index it by number, so it can be display in the XLS
Spreadsheet Writer.
2005-12-09 11:57 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_SelectList_Field.php: More fixes to ensure
that the array is maintained as the value.
2005-12-09 11:04 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Commited this file be-a-steak.
2005-12-08 19:57 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_SelectList_Field.php: SetValue overriden to
ensure that the value is always an array.
2005-12-08 19:56 jamie
* CC_Graph.php, CC_Pie_Chart.php,
CC_Components/CC_MultipleKey_Record.php: Problem:
2005-12-07 21:19 patrick
* CC_Summaries/CC_Ordered_Summary.php: Bug fixes.
2005-12-07 10:44 patrick
* .htaccess: Fixed access to css, js, and htc files.
2005-12-06 18:48 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_SelectList_Field.php: Update the value if
no selections are made. Previously it was retaining the old values.
2005-12-06 18:32 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_SelectList_Field.php: Make sure that value
is maintained as an array.
2005-11-28 19:32 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Make sure document.getElementsByTagName
exists (if it doesn't, we're dealing with a browser that isn't
2005-11-28 19:26 patrick
* CC_Application.php: No more CC_Form reference in Javascript.
2005-11-28 17:47 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton.php: Fix the javascript.
2005-11-28 17:18 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_AutoSubmit_Select_Field.php: Fixed a boo-boo.
2005-11-28 17:15 patrick
* CC_Fields/: CC_AutoSubmit_Select_Field.php,
CC_Checkbox_Field.php, CC_RadioButton.php: Javascript fixes to not
be dependent on a form called "CC_Form".
2005-11-16 12:13 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php (PHP5): Targ it. Starts
2005-11-16 12:08 jamie
* CC_Record.php, CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php (PHP5): PHP%
Chanrnges for GOAL!
2005-10-06 15:42 patrick
* cc_styles.css, CC_Components/CC_Folder_Component.php,
CC_Components/CC_Image_Folder_Component.php, CC_Images/folder.png:
Clean up these components a bit to use styles instead of the
archaic HTML way.
2005-10-04 16:10 patrick
* .htaccess, pngfix.js: Added my pngfix.js to N2O so that anything
can easily include it, as N2O uses some nice 24-bit PNGs in
CC_Summary and other places...
Just throw the following line into your header:
<!--[if IE]><script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"
This way, you don't have to add the special style="" thing to every
PNG image.
2005-09-29 14:54 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Percentage_Filter.php: One more minor fix
with 0%.
2005-09-29 14:31 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Percentage_Filter.php: Fix for 100%.
2005-09-29 14:25 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Percentage_Filter.php: Simplified filter,
and added border="0" to the img tags.
2005-09-29 14:14 patrick
* CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php: Make any
CC_SelectList_Query_Addition's automatically click on the search
button when their value is changed.
2005-09-26 12:44 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Simplified getButton() slightly.
2005-09-26 12:43 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Fixed constructor to use doGetRow() instead of
doSelect() plus cc_fetch_row(), and also removed duplicate call to
setRecord() on the fields in initialize().
2005-09-26 12:41 patrick
* CC_Button.php: If a button is not clickable, don't allow the
click() method to be called.
2005-09-26 12:40 patrick
* cc_styles.css: width: 100% on ccSummaryControl style.
2005-09-26 12:39 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Text_Field.php: Updated documentation.
2005-09-24 17:21 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php: Typo. narArray -> naArray.
2005-09-20 17:52 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Removed a crude message that got displayed to IE
users when you clicked on a row.
2005-09-20 11:32 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Don't use getLabel() in getSummaryControlRow()
for the Page: thing because the right side (Records Per Page)
doesn't. The reason being that you should be able to easily set the
style on both sets of text without other styles
(ccNotRequiredField) getting in the way.
2005-09-14 16:53 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_PreviousNext_Handler.php: Forgot to fix
the constructor name.
2005-09-14 16:43 patrick
* CC_Handlers/: CC_Summary_Next_Handler.php,
CC_Summary_Previous_Handler.php: Rather than have two
virtually-identical handlers, lets just have one flexible one.
2005-09-14 16:41 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Change the summary control table to not set an
explicit width or colour; instead, the respective style in
cc_styles.css is used, which can more easily be overridden.
Also update the next and previous buttons to use a unified handler.
2005-09-14 16:35 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_AutoSubmit_Select_Field.php: Fixed a bug in
handleUpdateFromRequest() that was causing the associated button to
be click()ed when it was hidden, without checking for a change in
value. The biggest effect this bug had was in rendering the
CC_Summary last and next page buttons to battle with the jump to
page lists.
2005-09-14 16:07 patrick
* cc_styles.css: Get regular text in ccSummaryHeadings rows, too.
2005-09-14 16:04 patrick
* .htaccess: Fixed to allow and cc_styles.css.
2005-09-13 14:02 patrick
* cc_styles.css: The background-color style takes "transparent"
instead of "none".
2005-09-13 13:06 patrick
* .htaccess, cc_styles.css, CC_Buttons/CC_Sort_Button.php,
CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php, CC_Images/add.png,
CC_Images/cc_summary.delete.png, CC_Images/cc_summary.edit.png,
CC_Images/cc_summary.view.png, CC_Images/clear.png,
CC_Images/down_arrow.png, CC_Images/go.png,
CC_Images/next.inactive.png, CC_Images/next.png,
CC_Images/previous.inactive.png, CC_Images/previous.png,
CC_Images/refresh.png, CC_Images/search.png,
CC_Images/up_arrow.png: Updated the look of things slightly.
Also, CC_Summary now uses styles for defining the row colours
rather than the now deprecated $ccRecordEvenRowColour and
$ccRecordOddRowColour. See the "table.ccSummary tr.even" and
"table.ccSummary tr.odd" styles in cc_styles.css. You can override
this more easily now in your site stylesheet, and you can also do
it on a per-CC_Summary basis by giving the summary a DOM ID
($ccSummary->setId('foo')), and then setting a style for #foo
tr.even, #foo tr.odd.
2005-09-13 13:00 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Output an error to the logs if we couldn't
connect to the DB.
2005-09-13 12:58 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Updated setIdColumn() to also update the
sortByColumn, which defaults to "ID". Thanks to James Nedila of
Fatport for pointing this out.
2005-07-26 11:57 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_ISO_Country_Field.php: Removed "South Georgia and
the South Sandwich Islands" since it has no inhabitants
(, and
also shortened the Koreas to their more commonly used names of
"North" and "South" and "Lao People's Democratic Republic" to
2005-07-25 14:21 patrick
* CC_Window.php: getErrorMessage() was placing an opening "<p>" tag
after the error message which screws up and invalidates HTML. The
removal of this may have some adverse effects initially, but it
will all be correctable with styles.
2005-07-25 13:58 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Deprecated setVisibleValue()
-- added setDisplayValue() to match getDisplayValue().
2005-07-19 18:04 patrick
* CC_Summary.php, cc_styles.css, CC_Buttons/CC_Sort_Button.php:
Fixed the styles for ccSummaryHeadings, and removed the redundant
style stuff in the <td>'s and in the CC_Sort_Button.
2005-07-15 12:47 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Improve the $isArray setting
in getSelectedIndex() to reduce erroneous warnings.
2005-07-15 12:43 patrick
* CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Safari_Search_Field.php: When Safari is detected, use
the Safari search field. It's *so* cool!!
2005-07-15 12:27 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Time_Field.php: Fix getInstance() so that it honours
the value no matter what it is.
2005-07-14 17:14 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton_Field.php: GetInstance sets index to 0
by default.
2005-07-13 12:10 jamie
* CC_Utilities.php: Problem: There was already a $mode variable.
Solution: Renamed the file mode to $fileMode :).
2005-07-13 11:59 jamie
* CC_Utilities.php: Problem: writeFile only used the 'w' mode.
Solution: Added support for any writing mode. Default is 'w'.
2005-07-13 10:47 patrick
* CC_Index.php: When we update the expiry date/time for the session
cookie, we also now include the configured session path and domain.
2005-07-12 18:59 patrick
* CC_Index.php: A fix to update the session expiration on every
This was accomplished by calling session_cache_expire() and when
the session already exists, setcookie(session_name(), session_id(),
time() + $session_expiry).
2005-07-12 18:34 jamie
* CC_Fields/: CC_Foreign_Key_Field.php, CC_SelectList_Field.php:
Problem: getViewHTML was not always taking account the unselected
Solution: getViewHTML is now taking into account the unselected
value and returning nothing if there is no selected value.
2005-07-08 15:38 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Time_Field.php: Fixed handleUpdateFromRequest() to
work properly. The test to see if the hour field was in the request
had a typo.
2005-07-07 15:09 jamie
* CC_Handlers/CC_Delete_Record_Handler.php: Added support for
passing in a custom deleteAction.
2005-07-07 15:07 jamie
* CC_RelationshipManager.php: Problem: - Select - was being used as
the default unselected value bypassing the passed-in value.
Solution: removed the hard-coded value and replaced it with the
parameter from the constructor.
2005-07-07 14:58 jamie
* CC_Fields/: CC_PostalCode_Field.php, CC_PostalZipCode_Field.php,
CC_ZipCode_Field.php: Added support for country-based validation
with the setCountryField method.
2005-07-05 15:23 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_Dollar_Field.php: Added an id="" to the html tag so
this field will work with field->setId('asdf');
2005-07-05 12:17 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Foreign_Key_Field.php: Removed the unnecessary
reference to the current window.
2005-06-30 14:20 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Added documentation of field
manager args.
2005-06-30 14:20 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Foreign_Key_Field.php: Add support for
unselectedValue= in the field manager. Also added documentation of
field manager args.
2005-06-30 11:55 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: When we display the note about a missing ID
column in the query, also include the name of the summary so it's
easier to locate.
2005-06-29 13:14 mike
* CC_Components/CC_MultipleKey_Record.php: Fixed buildInsertQuery
to take into account the record keys (and not display them twice).
2005-06-27 15:26 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Password_Field.php: Forgot some ()'s.
2005-06-27 15:18 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Password_Field.php: Override setValue() to be smart
enough to not erase the password if the field has a value, an empty
value was passed in, and showPassword is false.
2005-06-26 17:01 patrick
* CC_ErrorManager.php,
CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php: Rolling back due to
accidental checkin. Whoops!
2005-06-26 16:55 patrick
* CC_ErrorManager.php, CC_Field.php, ChangeLog,
CC_Windows/CC_View_Record_Window.php: [no log message]
2005-06-26 16:50 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Phase out CC_Summary->columnHeaderColour, which
was set from the CC_Config variable, $ccTitleBarColour. You can
just set the background-color style for "tr.ccSummaryHeadings td".
From N2O/cc_styles.css:
/* Style for CC_Summary column headings row. */
tr.ccSummaryHeadings td { font-weight: bold; color:
#ffffff; background-color: #666666; }
2005-06-26 16:47 patrick
* CC_Config.php: Get rid of $application_name, $version_number, and
the never implemented $show_action_in_url. Also, added the
$require_admin variable to include additional classes like
2005-06-26 16:45 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_XLS_Summary_Handler.php: Quote the
filename so it works better for WinIE.
2005-06-26 16:42 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Expiry_Date_Field.php: Make the default start year
be 2005. This should probably just get the current year
2005-06-26 16:41 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Date_Field.php: Make the default start year be 2000.
2005-06-26 16:40 patrick
* cc_styles.css: CC_Summary column headings default to a #666666
background colour.
2005-06-26 16:39 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Minor formatting diffs...
2005-06-22 15:15 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Checkbox_Field.php: Removed getLiarValue() -- it was
exactly the same as getYesNoValue(), and it was too weird to keep.
getLiarValue? Weird.
2005-06-15 12:55 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_AutoSubmit_Select_Field.php: Fixd a bug in
getEditHTML() that was not calling the correct javascript when the
go button was visible and the select list was changed.
2005-06-15 12:36 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Typo in variable name in
2005-06-15 12:34 patrick
* CC_Components/CC_MultipleKey_Record.php: It's best if we only
check in code that compiles!!
2005-06-15 12:04 patrick
* CC_Field.php: Removed a debug line in getInstance().
2005-06-14 18:00 mike
* CC_Application.php, CC_Components/CC_MultipleKey_Record.php:
Added clearObject($name) method to CC_Application.
Fixed error message for CC_MultipleKey_Record to take into account
the multiple keys!
2005-06-14 17:51 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Problem: Was returning the
options array after unsetting it in getViewHTML.
Solution: Assigned it to a variable, then unset it.
2005-06-08 13:50 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_Checkbox_Field.php: Problem: when field is disabled
we needed to keep its value.
Solution: checked if disabled and if so don't update the value.
2005-06-07 13:29 patrick
* cc_styles.css, CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php: Making this field
Instead of removing the field from the uploadFieldArray when it is
deleted, we're just calling resetField() on it.
2005-06-07 13:27 patrick
* CC_Index.php: Removed a redundant check for $newSession.
2005-06-06 16:10 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Percentage_Field.php: The width of the percentage
bar was off by 4 pixels.
2005-06-06 11:48 patrick
* bin/ Don't delete CC_Database and CC_Utilities after
merging so that they can be included in scripts.
2005-06-02 19:47 patrick
* CC_Summary.php, CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Num_Rows_Handler.php,
CC_Summaries/CC_Safe_Summary.php: Fixed the safe summary to support
the not updating if there was already an update in the last two
2005-06-02 19:43 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Removed two old, unused lines of code from
2005-06-02 19:43 patrick
* CC_Button.php: Removed the contents of setFieldsToUpdate()
because it's deprecated and no one uses it.
2005-06-02 18:00 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Retired saveAndDuplicateRecord() -- it's never
used, and not even that useful...
2005-06-02 17:58 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php: Fixed the province/state
first thingy.
2005-06-02 17:51 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php: Forgot to add support for
the abbreviated= argument. Also added documentation for the
possible arguments with CC_FieldManager's addField().
2005-06-02 17:18 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Added some nifty Javascript that fixes all of
the stupid browsers (pretty much all of them!) when it comes to
pressing enter in a field. Browsers *used* to just submit the form,
but now they all seem to also send along the name of the first
found button on the form. >:*(
The new Javascript assigns an event handler to all of the input
fields that detect when the enter key is pressed. When it is
pressed, it looks for a default button on the page, and clicks it.
If no default button was found ($window->setDefaultButton()), it
will just act as it normally would.
2005-06-02 17:11 jamie
* CC_Fields/: CC_IntegerNumber_Field.php, CC_Password_Field.php:
Problem: Missing some args in getInstance for CC_PassworidField
(saveAsPlainText) and CC_IntegerNumber_Field(min and max values).)
Solution: Added these old school.
2005-06-02 17:08 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Register the field in registerField() using an
index of $field->getRequestArrayName() instead of
2005-06-02 14:01 patrick
* CC_Fields/: CC_Multiple_SelectList_Field.php,
CC_SelectList_Field.php: Numerous optimizations and simplifications
of iterative methods.
These fields both were both using array_keys() with the options
array, but the options array is always numerically indexed, so this
was unnecessary.
2005-06-02 13:36 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Percentage_Field.php: To avoid warning messages, we
now use isset() instead of array_key_exists() when checking the
request array in handleUpdateFromRequest().
2005-06-02 13:34 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Foreign_Key_Field.php: Defer constructing the add
button and registering the handler from the constructor to the
register() callback method.
2005-06-02 13:30 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Percentage_Filter.php: You can now specify
the width of the filter in the constructor should you want
something other than the default.
2005-06-01 20:43 patrick
* CC_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Text_Field.php: Updated documentation
for reference for CC_FieldManager's addField() method.
2005-06-01 20:38 patrick
* CC_FieldManager.php: Fix documentation for addField().
2005-06-01 20:32 patrick
* CC_Record.php: You can now add a value=the_value as the arguments
in the field manager's addField() method for all fields.
2005-06-01 20:31 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Text_Field.php: Awww pooo!
2005-06-01 20:28 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Text_Field.php: Added the value back. Thanks
2005-06-01 12:28 patrick
* CC_Component.php: Typo.
2005-06-01 10:14 patrick
* CC_Component.php: Display a warning if you construct a component
using a period "." because it will cause you many problems.
2005-05-30 17:58 patrick
* CC_Buttons/CC_Image_Button.php: Improve click() to access the
$_REQUEST array just once, and to check that the keys exist before
getting them so that we don't clutter the error logs with stupid
2005-05-30 16:53 patrick
* CC_Button.php: Renamed getClickable() to the more appropriate
2005-05-30 14:58 patrick
* CC_Buttons/CC_Image_Button.php: Added setDisabledImagePath() so
that you can have it use a different image when the button is
disabled with setClickable(false).
2005-05-27 17:15 patrick
If an error happens in the constructor (ie. bad query or
non-existent ID), you will get a PEAR_Error object instead of a
$record = &new CC_Record('NAME,EMAIL,PASSWORD', 'MY_TABLE', true,
if (PEAR::isError($record)) { echo "No record existed with the
passed ID."; $application->unregisterCurrentWindow();
exit(); }
2005-05-27 16:59 patrick
* CC_Images/percentBar.gif: It was time for an updated look.
2005-05-26 17:27 jamie
* CC_Application.php: Problem: There was no way to reset all fields
and stuff.
Solution: The reset() function saves the day.
2005-05-26 16:53 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Percentage_Field.php: The buttons contained in this
field needed setValidateOnClick(false) called on them, as you
should be able to use them even if other fields on the page don't
pass validation.
2005-05-26 16:51 patrick
* CC_Button.php, CC_Window.php: Fixed a somewhat obscure bug that
prevented the window from passing validation if you had two records
in a window, both with a field using the same key, and a button
that had setRecordsToValidate() called using the first record, and
the second record's field with the same name was required and was
not entered.
2005-05-26 13:04 patrick
* CC_Handlers/: CC_Unregister_Window_Handler.php,
CC_Unregister_Window_Handlr.php: Renamed file to match the class
name. This must be left over from when we were on Mac OS 9!!
2005-05-25 18:36 jamie
* CC_Fields/: CC_Password_Field.php, CC_RadioButton.php: Problem:
Password field had no way to set minLength and alphaNumeric in the
Application. RadioButton field wasn't selecting via the label.
Solution: Fixed both these problems.
2005-05-24 16:51 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Percentage_Field.php: Resolved a reference issue
that was causing the 100% button not to function.
2005-05-24 16:22 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Another minor typo in update().
2005-05-24 16:14 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Update_Record_Handler.php: Stupid typos.
2005-05-24 16:11 patrick
* CC_Handlers/: CC_Insert_Record_Handler.php,
CC_Update_Record_Handler.php: Fixed a member call on non-object
error that would occur if there was an error in the insert or
update query (which would be caused if you specified a non-existent
column or table in your record).
2005-05-24 15:52 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Typo.
2005-05-24 15:49 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Minor simplification in update() using
db->doGetOne() instead of the longer way.
2005-05-24 15:07 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Date_Field.php: Fixed a bug where setMonthValue()
and setDateValue() were not working if the number passed in was
2005-05-19 16:59 patrick
* CC_Components/CC_MultipleKey_Record.php: Define $size in the
right place.
2005-05-19 16:54 patrick
* CC_User.php: Changed [g|s]etUserName() to [g|s]etUsername()
because they were bugging me.
2005-05-19 16:53 patrick
* CC_Record.php, CC_Components/CC_MultipleKey_Record.php: Fixed the
multiple key record to do things the new way.
2005-05-19 16:44 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Use the field name for the label when there's no
field data.
2005-05-19 16:37 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Handle things gracefully if no field data exists
for a field by constructing a cc_text_field with a generic label.
2005-05-11 10:54 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Fixed a bug in getViewHTML()
where if you had an unselectedValue set, and the field had no value
set (eg. getSelectedIndex() == 0), a warning would be produced in
the logs because we were trying to look up an index of -1 in the
options array.
2005-05-11 10:42 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Date_Field.php: Fixed a new bug in setValue() that I
introduced when I optimized the parsing of the passed in value.
2005-05-10 22:30 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Credit_Card_Field.php: Simplified getEditHTML(),
fixed it to support the tabindex.
2005-05-10 17:39 patrick
* bin/:, Updated scripts for you guyz.
You'll need the new to handle the new
_RequireOnceAdminFiles.php file, and the is superior
than before in that it just uses a symbolic link when you're using
your dev tree.
2005-05-10 17:31 patrick
* CC_Application.php, CC_Component.php, CC_Field.php,
CC_FieldManager.php, CC_Index.php, CC_Record.php, CC_Utilities.php,
CC_Window.php, ChangeLog, _RequireOnceAdminFiles.php,
_RequireOnceFiles.php, CC_Fields/CC_AutoSubmit_Select_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Date_Added_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Date_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Email_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Foreign_Key_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Hidden_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_OneToMany_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Password_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_TextArea_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Text_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Time_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Timestamp_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Username_Field.php,
CC_Handlers/CC_Cancel_Cleanup_Handler.php: The initial check-in of
a rather large overhaul to N2O.
Changes include:
1. Fields now construct themselves using a static method (see
CC_Field::getInstance()). Next step will be to add documentation to
all of the fields to show what arguments they accept when
constructed by a CC_Record (eg. size=, maxlength=, etc). This
completely eliminates createFieldObject() and
createOtherFieldObject(). As such, custom record classes are no
longer necessary, and are in fact basically useless.
Because of this change, it is now necessary that the classnames of
the fields you add to the field manager (addField()) actually
exist. We previously had a few shortcuts like CC_FK_Field for
CC_Foreign_Key_Field, and various permutations of the
province/state field. In the case of the latter, you must define it
as "CC_ProvinceState_Field", and then you can use the "type"
argument to define what sort of field it is: type=state,
type=province, type=stateprovince.
2. Fields handle the updating of themselves using
handleUpdateFromRequest(). Custom fields that need special updating
will need to override this method.
3. Before, fields that were in a record were not registered with
the window. Instead, CC_Window did a loop on stray fields, and then
a loop on each record with an inner loop on each field in the
record. Now, records register their fields with the window, and the
window does only one loop. This has the added benefit that the
register() call-back method in the fields is now properly called,
fixing a bug where an auto-submit select list field would not
function properly if constructed by a record.
4. CC_Window has a new method: setUnregisterOnLeave(). If called,
the window will automatically be unregistered by the application
when the application switches away from said window. By setting
this on your windows, you can reduce the overall memory footprint
of the session.
5. There is a new config option: $require_admin. When set to false
(defaults to true), the application will not load admin classes
such as CC_Summary (and every class/handler that CC_Summary uses),
CC_Graph, CC_Pie_Chart, CC_Zip_File, CC_Image_Utilities, and all of
the classes in the CC_Components folder. Most front-end
applications do not need these classes, and including them in the
session just adds unnecessary overhead.
6. A bunch of useless fields have been removed including
CC_Date_Added_Field.php, CC_Hidden_Field, CC_Hidden_Number_Field,
CC_Related_Table_Field, and CC_Username_Field.
Please test away, as I don't think it's quite ready for a STABLE
2005-05-02 11:56 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Fixed a bug introduced by a previous commit
whereby an older variable was still being referenced in the
2005-04-27 19:28 patrick
* CC_FieldManager.php, CC_Record.php, CC_Window.php: Consolidated a
bunch of the code in CC_Record::createFieldObject() so that more
fields take advantage of the field manager arguments like size=,
maxlength=, etc.
2005-04-27 19:27 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Credit_Card_Field.php: Updated the constructor so
you can set the maxlength.
2005-04-27 19:26 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php: Moved the unselected value
setting into the field rather than in CC_Record.
2005-04-27 19:22 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Relative_Timestamp_Filter.php: file
CC_Relative_Timestamp_Filter.php was initially added on branch
2005-04-27 19:21 patrick
* .htaccess, CC_Action_Handler.php, CC_Application.php,
CC_Button.php, CC_Component.php, CC_Database.php, CC_Error.php,
CC_ErrorManager.php, CC_Field.php, CC_FieldManager.php,
CC_Graph.php, CC_Image_Source.php, CC_Index.php, CC_Pie_Chart.php,
CC_Record.php, CC_RelationshipManager.php, CC_Summary.php,
CC_Summary_Content_Provider.php, CC_Summary_Filter.php,
CC_User.php, CC_Utilities.php, CC_Window.php, CC_ZIP_File.php,
ChangeLog, clear_eaccelerator.php, eaccelerator.php,
CC_Buttons/CC_Image_Button.php, CC_Buttons/CC_Sort_Button.php,
CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Date_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Email_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Expiry_Date_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_OneToMany_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Password_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton.php,
CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_TextArea_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Text_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Time_Field.php,
CC_Windows/CC_View_Record_Window.php (PHP5): More changes for PHP
2005-04-23 16:07 patrick
* CC_Utilities.php: Improve strSlide13 a great deal to make the
"encoded" strings a lot less easy to recognize what is happening.
Before, the string "4111111111111111" would encode to
"5222222222222222". Now, the same string encodes to
"jccccccccccccccc". An average credit card number like
"5191230074364956" used to encode to "4808769925635043", and now
encodes to "EcZcUfQQijfSjZES".
One caveat of changing this is we will likely need to clear all
sessions the next time N2O is deployed because the active database
DSNs and credit card numbers previously encoded with the old
version of strSlide13() will not slide to their original state
To create the new sliding string, I wrote a little algorithm:
$source =
='; $array1 = array();
if (strlen($source) % 2 != 0) { echo "Source string must be
an even number of characters. (Length: " . strlen($source) . ")\n";
exit(); }
// Create an array of our source string for ($i = 0; $i <
strlen($source); $i++) { $array1[] = substr($source, $i, 1); }
// Make a copy of the array that will be used for the slide $array2
= $array1;
// Create a tracker array to keep track of which positions we've
used $tracker = array(); $max = sizeof($array1);
for ($i = 0; $i < $max; $i++) { $tracker[] = true; }
// Do the swapping work... for ($i = 0; $i < ($max / 2); $i++) {
do { $swap = rand($max / 2, $max - 1);
if ($tracker[$swap] && $swap != $i)
while (true);
$tracker[$i] = false;
$tracker[$swap] = false;
$tmp1 = $array2[$i];
$tmp2 = $array2[$swap];
$array2[$i] = $tmp2;
$array2[$swap] = $tmp1;
// Output the source echo "$source\n";
// Output the slid source for ($i = 0; $i < $max; $i++) {
echo $array2[$i]; }
echo "\n";
2005-04-21 21:31 patrick
* CC_Utilities.php: Removed conditional declaration of is_a() since
we always use PHP 4.2+.
2005-04-01 13:00 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Date_Field.php: Removed the monthsArray from the
instance variables because it's only needed once.
2005-04-01 12:59 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Renamed a variable in setDownloadAllQuery() so
it's more understandable.
2005-03-31 13:20 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Search_Handler.php: Get the download query
using getDownloadAllQuery() rather than pulling it from the private
variable which may or may not be set.
2005-03-30 15:51 jamie
* CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Search_Handler.php: Added support for
ORing delimiter separated values in the text search field.
2005-03-30 15:50 jamie
* CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php: Added orDelimiter
for delimiter-separated OR support.
2005-03-29 19:18 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php: Changed format string BACK for
BACKwards compatibility.
2005-03-29 19:14 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php: Fixed the format string for
hours and minutes.
2005-03-29 18:32 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Date_Field.php: Remove getMySQLValue(). Instead, use
getValue(), passing it a format string: getValue('%04u-%02u-%02u
2005-03-29 18:31 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php: Removed getMySQLValue().
Instead, getValue() takes an option $format string. To do what
getMySQLValue() did, call getValue('%u-%0u-%0u %0u:%0u:00'), or
define a constant in your application:
define('MYSQL_DATETIME', '%u-%0u-%0u %0u:%0u:00');
2005-03-29 17:59 jamie
* CC_Fields/: CC_DateTime_Field.php, CC_Date_Field.php: Added
getMySQLValue to return a MySQL friendly date.
2005-03-28 20:12 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: In getDownloadAllQuery, added an option to
optionally return the sorted query. Defaults to false.
2005-03-27 13:57 patrick
* clear_eaccelerator.php: First argument is now the full URL to
eaccelerator.php rather than just the host.
2005-03-24 18:08 patrick
* .htaccess, clear_eaccelerator.php, eaccelerator.php: Added
scripts to clear eaccelerator's cache for when we re-deploy N2O. No
more restarting stupid Apache!!
2005-03-24 18:07 patrick
* ChangeLog, bin/ ChangeLog updates.
2005-03-24 17:44 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: A check in CC_Summary if the cookie value for the
'SORT BY' column exists in the query.
2005-03-23 21:18 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php: Removed debug code.
2005-03-23 21:11 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php: Fixed this field to
work better.
2005-03-20 17:55 patrick
* CC_Index.php: No longer look for the ?err in the request, no
longer define CURRENT_VERSION, and no longer output a logout button
if DEBUG is 1.
2005-03-20 11:15 patrick
* classes.conf.php: We don't need this anymore.
2005-03-16 15:38 patrick
* CC_Graph.php: Create an indexed .png instead of true-colour to
fix god damn IE + Norton Personal Firecrap. Hope it doesn't break
2005-03-16 13:58 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Id_Link_Filter.php: Fixed to work without
2005-03-16 12:43 patrick
* CC_Application.php, CC_Buttons/CC_AnchorImage_Button.php,
CC_Buttons/CC_Sort_Button.php, CC_Buttons/CC_Text_Button.php: A few
fixes to get things working properly when cookies are disabled.
2005-03-14 15:18 patrick
* CC_Graph.php: Removed accidental checkin.
2005-03-14 10:36 jamie
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Text_Shortening_Filter.php: Dealt with
doube-quotes properly.
2005-03-11 19:53 jamie
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Text_Shortening_Filter.php: Dumb ASS FUCK.
2005-03-11 19:21 jamie
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Text_Shortening_Filter.php: Allow multiple
lines in Javascript alert.
2005-03-11 18:40 jamie
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Text_Shortening_Filter.php: Escape single
quotes so it doesn't krunk things up.
2005-03-11 11:58 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Time_Field.php: getValue() was padding the hour
value with two extra 0's...
2005-03-11 11:34 mike
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Text_Shortening_Filter.php: removed extra
option that did nothing! :O
2005-03-11 11:34 mike
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Text_Shortening_Filter.php: Added option to
popup (alert) full text for the text shortening dingle.
2005-03-11 10:38 mike
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_DateTime_Filter.php: Fixed comparison for
blank date.
2005-03-11 10:27 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Make sure all queries use getSortByColumn()
instead of $this->sortByColumn.
2005-03-11 10:22 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Add getSortByColumn() to do the quoting in there.
2005-03-05 23:15 patrick
* bin/buildExtras.php (PHP5): We won't be needing this anymore...
2005-03-05 23:13 patrick
* CC_Handlers/: CC_Summary_JumpPage_Handler.php,
CC_Summary_Jump_To_Page_Handler.php (PHP5): One downside with the
__autoload() thingy is that class names and file names need to
match. (This probably isn't such a bad thing for us to do, though.)
2005-03-05 23:13 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Jump_To_Page_Handler.php: file
CC_Summary_Jump_To_Page_Handler.php was initially added on branch
2005-03-05 23:11 patrick
* CC_Application.php, CC_Button.php, CC_Database.php, CC_Index.php,
CC_Record.php, CC_Summary.php, CC_Utilities.php, CC_Window.php,
classes.conf.php, CC_Components/CC_Folder_Component.php,
CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Date_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Time_Field.php,
CC_Summaries/CC_Safe_Summary.php (PHP5), bin/buildExtras.php: Minor
changes needed to get things working properly in PHP 5. Yeah baby,
you heard me -- PHP 5!!
PHP 5 has a neat __autoload() function you can implement so that
you can have classes be loaded only when they are needed. The PHP5
branch of N2O supports this!
2005-03-05 16:47 patrick
* CC_Graph.php: var $barWidth was declared twice!
2005-03-05 16:46 patrick
* CC_Application.php: var $lastAction was declared twice!
2005-03-02 14:59 patrick
* cc_styles.css: Add a margin for the ccSummaryDownload style.
2005-02-28 11:19 mike
* CC_Record.php: Added a delimiter option to radio button lists, so
we can have commas in the radio button label.
2005-02-27 16:12 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_XLS_Summary_Handler.php: Fixed this
handler to get the filename from the summary when it doesn't
already have an explicit filename to use.
2005-02-27 16:11 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Moved the construction of the download all
buttons from getExtraSummaryButtons() into register() where it
should happen.
2005-02-24 21:38 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton_Field.php: Use the === when comparing
values so that if your radio button happens to have a value of '0',
it is not confused with false.
2005-02-24 21:30 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Call setRecord() on the fields at the time the
record is registered rather than at the time the field is created.
This is because with the old way, if you called setOptions() on a
radio button field after it was created by a record, the radio
buttons did not have the reference to the record.
2005-02-22 18:30 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton.php: Added setOnMouseOverAction() and
2005-02-22 15:29 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_Choice_Field.php: Added a note to for the
setAssociatedField method. The main field goes LAST in the
CC_Record construction.
2005-02-18 12:05 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php: XX = N/A.
2005-02-17 17:08 patrick
* CC_Pie_Chart.php: Clean up after drawing a pie chart.
2005-02-14 14:15 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton_Field.php: Minor fix in setOptions() to
get the current value.
2005-02-14 14:10 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton_Field.php: Fixed a bug where the options
array was not being checked for elements that were arrays in
setOptions(). Also removed the duplicate code in the constructor;
we now just call setOptions() instead.
2005-02-14 14:07 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Checkbox_Field.php: The label style should be
ccLabelError instead of ccError.
2005-02-14 00:58 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_ISO_Country_Field.php: Removed Holy See from the
2005-02-13 23:08 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_ISO_Country_Field.php: It DOES exist, doesn't it?
2005-02-13 17:09 patrick
* CC_Index.php, _RequireOnceFiles.php: The world's not ready for
_n2o_extras.php yet.
2005-02-13 17:06 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_ISO_Country_Field.php: Mispelling FIXED!
2005-01-10 13:14 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_ISO_Country_Field.php: Sort the country by name
rather than country code.
2004-12-21 12:28 patrick
* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog.
2004-12-21 12:27 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Generic_Text_Field.php: This is the most useless
class I've ever seen, and since we never use it, it shouldn't be
2004-12-21 12:26 patrick
* CC_Index.php, _RequireOnceFiles.php, classes.conf.php,
bin/buildExtras.php: Added a feature to N2O where you can now
specify which classes get loaded for a given application. To do
this, follow these simple instructions:
1. Navigate into the root folder in which your application resides.
2. Copy the "classes.conf.php" template from your installed N2O
3. Edit the copy and choose the classes that fit your needs. For
example, a front-end application will likely not use CC_Summary and
all of its supporting classes.
4. Invoke this script from your application's root: php
5. Run through your application, and make sure there aren't any
class not found errors. If there are, refine the
"classes.conf.php", and re-run this script.
6. Any time N2O is upgraded, make sure to re-run this script, as
classes are actually copied from the N2O tree to a file local to
your application. You will see warning messages in your web-server
error log if the version of the classes doesn't match that of the
installed N2O.
This should speed things up a bit and will reduce overall memory
usage if you're not using Turck-MMCache. If you are using Turck,
then your shared memory will be less (providing you don't activate
all classes.
2004-12-21 12:20 patrick
* CC_Utilities.php: Removed the debug() function since it's never
used anymore. trigger_error('message', E_USER_WARNING) or
error_log() are better alternatives since they log to the apache
error log.
2004-12-21 12:18 patrick
* CC_FieldManager.php: Minor formatting fix.
2004-12-21 12:18 patrick
* CC_Application.php, CC_Config.php: Added a new option to
CC_Config: $noRelationshipManager. Setting this to true will cause
CC_Application to not instantiate a relationship manager (if you're
not using a CC_ForeignKey_Fields, then you really don't need one).
2004-12-21 12:14 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Dependant_Checkbox_Field.php: Added an $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.16 2010/11/11 04:28:32 patrick Exp $ tag. I
thought I already did all files!
2004-12-21 12:13 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Dependant_Checkbox_Field.php: Set the default
$requiredValue for setAssociatedField() to true, which would be the
logical value for a checkbox (if it is checked, then you want the
validate() method to check the associated field's value).
2004-12-20 13:42 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Dollar_Filter.php: Fixed processValue() to
make sure there are two decimal places!
2004-12-16 12:30 jamie
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_DateTime_Filter.php: Added seconds.
2004-12-15 17:35 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: getNumRowsPerPage instead of a straight getValue
on the select list.
2004-12-15 17:33 jamie
* CC_Summaries/CC_Safe_Summary.php: Called getNumRowsPerPage
instead of numRowsPerPage->getvalue() so that ALL resolved to the
total number of records.
2004-12-15 11:35 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Checkbox_Field.php: Typo when checking for readonly.
2004-12-15 11:34 jamie
* CC_Window.php: Added hasSummary.php to detect if a summary exists
in the window.
2004-12-10 15:36 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Dollar_Filter.php: Use number_format()
instead of sprintf().
2004-12-10 13:44 patrick
* CC_Window.php: The tabindex on buttons now have an offset of 420
from the fields. This is so because when you call
setDefaultButton(), you only want the button to have the lowest
tabindex of the *buttons*, not fields too.
2004-12-10 13:13 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Credit_Card_Field.php: Updated setValue() to strip
out any character that is not a number. Previously, this was just
done on a temporary value in validate(), but the field should
really not allow anything but a number to be stored. Also changed
the default size of the field to 19 characters so that people who
like to type in spaces between the sets of numbers will be able to.
This also helps with people who are copying and pasting a number.
2004-12-09 13:33 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton.php: Don't link the label if it's
readonly, mofo.
2004-12-09 13:31 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Checkbox_Field.php: Don't link the label if the
field is not editable.
2004-12-08 15:34 patrick
* CC_Summary.php, cc_styles.css,,
CC_Images/cc_summary.excel.png: CC_Summary now uses an image for
the Excel download button.
2004-12-08 03:35 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Time_Field.php: Disable this!
2004-12-08 02:21 jamie
* CC_Record.php, CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Date_Field.php: Set Disabled is enabled in CC_Record
and in CC_DateTime_Field and CC_Date_Field.
2004-12-07 22:39 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Transparecies for the border only!
2004-12-07 21:39 jamie
* CC_Pie_Chart.php, CC_Windows/CC_Manage_FK_Table_Window.php: Pie
2004-12-07 21:24 mike
Switched to an AutoSubmit select list... just remember to set the
default button to the search button in your window... or else!
2004-12-07 19:56 patrick
* CC_Graph.php: The watermark is now positioned based on the
dimensions of the watermark image.
2004-12-07 19:42 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: All the world's a stage!
2004-12-07 19:15 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Query_Additions/CC_Checkbox_Query_Addition.php:
Fixed a huge, gigantic, small little bug.
2004-12-07 19:13 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Eliminated some references...
2004-12-07 19:12 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_InternalRewriteUrl_Handler.php: Made the rewriten
URL contain the session stuff only if it needs it.
2004-12-07 18:54 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Search_Handler.php: summary search handler
is smarter than the dickens now... will update the query AND the
downloadAll query
2004-12-07 12:05 mike
* CC_Button.php: Allow setting of the button id in the contructor.
2004-12-07 12:03 patrick
* CC_Pie_Chart.php: Wrong parameter count when constructing black.
2004-12-07 11:50 patrick
* CC_Pie_Chart.php: Added setTransparency() and
setTransparencyLevel() so that you can control the background
colour transparency. Also removed all of those old colour
allocations as they were not needed.
2004-12-07 10:44 mike
Snoop Mikey Mike is in the hizzouse. This amazing query addition
uses a select list... add query's and filter like mad!
2004-12-07 09:08 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: You can set the watermark now to be custom.
2004-12-03 16:26 patrick
* cc_styles.css: Add a margin for ccSummaryStatus.
2004-12-01 12:27 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Text_Field.php: Added a space before the
disabled="true" string that gets added to the field.
2004-12-01 12:26 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Credit_Card_Field.php: Added support for
setDisabled() -- or rather, fixed getEditHTML() to recognized when
setDisabled(true) was called on the field.
2004-11-30 12:12 patrick
* CC_Graph.php: $logoPath now uses CC_FRAMEWORK_PATH instead of
some other crazy method it was using to get the path to N2O.
2004-11-29 15:19 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Removed a redundant check for required in
2004-11-29 13:21 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Change the from email in the alert message to Upper-case letters belong not in
email addresses.
2004-11-29 13:19 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Add the REMOTE_ADDR to the email that gets sent
so we know *who* is triggering the error!
2004-11-29 12:47 patrick
* CC_Record.php, CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton_Field.php: Fixed up
CC_Record's creation of a radio button field. You can now do
value=blah or index=1 when you call
2004-11-26 09:52 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Email_Field.php: Added a note in the comments to
check the RFC ( at a later
date to update our validate() method so that *all* valid characters
pass the validation.
2004-11-26 09:40 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Don't create a new reference to the field manager
when we can just reference it directly through the $application
2004-11-26 09:39 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Email_Field.php: A plus sign (+) in the email
address is actually valid.
2004-11-17 14:18 mike
* CC_Components/CC_MultipleKey_Record.php: Made the keys and values
in one almighty array $id. Updated the code to generate updates and
inserts accordingly.
2004-11-16 13:51 mike
* CC_Components/CC_MultipleKey_Record.php: Removed tracey from the
office... wait... I mean removed debug code from this class.
2004-11-16 13:44 mike
* CC_Components/CC_MultipleKey_Record.php: This is an amazing
subclass of CC_Record. If your database table uses muliple keys,
worry no more! Simple pass an array for the $id field (with each
key value), and an array for the $idColumnName (with each key).
2004-11-11 16:34 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Initialzied data variable.
2004-11-10 10:35 patrick
* CC_Index.php: Removed some extra /'s in the
requireAllFilesInFolder() calls() -- APPLICATION_PATH already ends
in a slash.
2004-11-10 10:09 patrick
* cc_styles.css: Make it so forms don't have any undesired margins;
shrink the summary control row a bit...
2004-11-10 10:09 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Removed an implicit align="left" in the summary
control row.
2004-11-10 10:08 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Removed some debug output.
2004-11-09 10:25 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Display the query properly in doBatchInsert()
and doBatchUpdate() if it fails.
2004-11-08 17:07 patrick
* CC_FieldManager.php: Fixed a bug where the args for a field
weren't being indexed properly.
2004-11-08 16:03 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Updated doUpdate() to return the number of
affected rows. It used to return a boolean, and this change could
potentially break code that was expected true on a query that
updated 0 rows. If this is you, please let me know!
2004-11-08 15:57 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Added doBatchInsert() and doBatchUpdate() so you
can execute a series of queries in a single transaction. Will
probably need to still adjust doUpdate() and doInsert() to allow
one to not close the transaction after the query.
2004-11-08 13:07 jamie
* CC_Utilities.php: Added the writeFile method. Make sure to remove
this from your current projects. Exclian, PSAC, Pender and etrix
Service Centre.
2004-11-02 17:26 patrick
* CC_FieldManager.php, CC_Record.php,
CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php: More memory improvements.
CC_FieldManger now uses an numeric array to hold field data rather
than an associative. The unselected value setting was moved from
several places in CC_Record to the constructor of
2004-11-02 17:04 patrick
* CC_Download_Source.php: While it is neat to have a file sending
headers with the filename "jamie_is_cool.gif", this file is not
actually used anywhere, and doesn't really do anything as far as I
can tell.
2004-11-02 17:00 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_URL_Redirect_Handler.php: We won't be needing this
2004-11-02 16:56 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Krunk_Handler.php: Why the heck is this even in
our code base??
2004-11-02 16:53 patrick
* CC_ErrorManager.php: Simplified a bunch of stuff in the error
manager: - removed array and instance variables for buffer sizes;
replaced with getBufferSize() - consolidated a bunch of duplicate
code in applicationErrorHandler()
Say bye-bye to 96 lines of code!
N2O is now using about 120K less memory than version 1.6 (testing
using the service center application). Woo hoo!
2004-11-02 13:47 mike
* CC_Summary.php: Fixed style bug.
2004-11-02 13:46 mike
* CC_Image_Utilities.php: Logged a warning rather than window
2004-11-02 13:44 mike
* CC_Field.php, cc_styles.css: New style for error in the field
2004-11-02 13:32 patrick
* CC_Application.php, CC_URL_Redirect.php, _RequireOnceFiles.php:
Minor spacing adjustments...
2004-11-02 13:32 patrick
* CC_Record.php, CC_Fields/CC_Country_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: In an effort to reduce memory
usage, these fields which have enormous arrays of data no longer
store said data in each instance of the field. Instead,
getOptions() just returns the big array when it is needed.
Also added a setEscapeValues() method to CC_SelectList_Field which
tells the field whether or not it should use htmlspecialchars() on
the value="" of the <option> tag it generates. This should be set
false for select lists that have HTML entities like &eacute; and
2004-11-02 13:28 patrick
* CC_Index.php: Whilst on the can, I thought of a more efficient
way of looking for a button click. Rather than iterating through
the entire request looking for three different kinds of button
clicks, we now just iterate through all of the buttons in the
current window, asking each button if it was clicked. As soon as a
click is found, the loop stops.
Also eliminated support for the CC_URL_Redirect_Handler, which
wasn't a very good way of redirecting. The preferred way is to use
the CC_Rewrite_Url_Handler which is much more flexible, and uses
one less request to process.
Say bye-bye to 54 lines of code!
2004-11-02 13:24 patrick
* CC_Button.php, CC_Buttons/CC_Image_Button.php,
CC_Buttons/CC_Text_Button.php: Added isClickInRequest() method to
ask the button if it was clicked in the current request. Also added
isGetRequest() to ask the button if it's the type who causes a GET
rather than a POST.
2004-10-25 14:19 patrick
* CC_Utilities.php, CC_Fields/CC_IntegerNumber_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Number_Field.php: Removed removeCommas() from
CC_Utilities, as it was too simple to warrant its own function that
will take up memory and increase compilation time.
Also changed CC_IntegerNumber_Field and CC_Number_Field to strip
the commas in setValue() instead of in validate(). If you're going
to change the value like this, the proper way to do it is by
overriding setValue(). ;)
2004-10-25 12:22 jamie
* CC_Fields/: CC_IntegerNumber_Field.php, CC_Number_Field.php:
Remove commas before validating.
2004-10-25 12:22 jamie
* CC_Utilities.php: Added a remove commas method.
2004-10-21 11:46 mike
* CC_Record.php: Account for keys with a period in them.
2004-10-15 11:39 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_Text_Field.php: Added id option to text field.
2004-10-09 15:50 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php: Added a reset field
method. Dropping kids?
2004-10-05 15:54 jamie
* CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Reorder_Handler.php,
CC_Summaries/CC_Ordered_Summary.php: Removed debug code.
2004-10-05 15:54 jamie
* CC_Record.php, CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton.php,
CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton_Field.php: Made sure the radio button
field is proerly included in the record.
2004-09-29 14:38 patrick
* CC_Database.php (version-1): Close the database connection!
2004-09-23 10:26 jamie
* CC_Application.php: Language defualts to nothing, baby.
2004-09-22 21:51 jamie
* CC_Application.php, CC_Field.php, CC_Record.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Country_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_ISO_Country_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php: Added support for languages
in CC_Application and French support for the Country and
State/Province Fields.
2004-09-22 20:50 jamie
* CC_Field.php: Starting the globalization process.
2004-09-20 14:02 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_Domain_Field.php: Support TLD up to 4 chars.
2004-09-17 16:37 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Modified CC_Graph to be BETTER!!!
2004-09-17 11:05 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: The x-axis table field can now be set dynamically.
2004-09-14 11:18 patrick
* CC_Utilities.php, CC_Window.php,
CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: I'm noticing some segmentation
faults in Apache since we started using the turck-mmcache. After
some digging, someone said they solved it by changing functions
function myFunction($options = array())
... to:
function myFunction($options = null) { if ($options == null) {
$options == array(); } }
So, let's see if it makes a difference!
2004-09-08 11:45 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Was missing a closing quote in
the class="" parameter of the select tag!
2004-08-26 12:10 patrick
* CC_Buttons/CC_Image_Button.php: Fixed getHTML() to use the style
that has been set.
2004-08-25 14:16 patrick
* CC_Field.php, CC_Window.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Checkbox_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Password_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_TextArea_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Text_Field.php: Added support for tabindex into the
fields. The order in which you register components determines the
order in which elements are tabbed.
2004-08-25 14:16 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Register the buttons of a CC_Summary in a more
intuitive manner so that tabbing goes from left to right, top to
2004-08-25 14:15 patrick
* CC_Button.php: The default button now gets a tabindex of 1
instead of 0. This seems to better follow the W3C spec.
2004-08-24 20:15 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Insert_Record_Handler.php: Set the default state
of $insertAction to false. This way, things will actually *work*
when you pass in false as your $insertAction!
2004-08-19 15:31 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Missed an occurence of argumentExists().
2004-08-18 21:33 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Do a PEAR::isError() check on the results before
doing stuff on it.
2004-08-18 21:25 patrick
* CC_Index.php, CC_Record.php, CC_Window.php,
CC_Windows/CC_View_Record_Window.php: Switch argumentExists() calls
to hasArgument().
2004-08-18 21:24 patrick
* CC_RelationshipManager.php: Do a proper PEAR::isError() check
after doing queries.
2004-08-11 15:15 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: Fixed a huge bug in the file
upload field that caused an infinite loop to occur if you uploaded
the same file without any extensions three or more times. Thanks to
James Nedila for bringing light to this.
2004-08-11 09:24 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php: $fileList is
actually a pipe-delimited list, not comma-delimited as the docs
2004-08-11 09:15 patrick
* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog
2004-08-10 12:18 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_AutoSubmit_Select_Field.php: Added more checks for
omitting buttons.
2004-08-04 11:23 patrick
* CC_Image_Utilities.php, CC_Fields/CC_Image_Upload_Field.php:
Thumbnails will always be in the .png format now -- it just makes
things a lot easier this way.
2004-08-03 18:24 patrick
* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog.
2004-08-03 18:23 patrick
* CC_Window.php, CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php: Fixed a problem where
the custom error message of CC_File_Upload_Field's validate()
method was been over-written by a generic message in CC_Window. As
a result, the user would have never known that the reason there was
an error was because it was the wrong file type.
2004-08-03 18:22 patrick
* CC_Components/CC_Image_Folder_Component.php: Added
setNumColumns() so you can set this number *after* you construct
the component.
2004-08-03 18:22 patrick
* CC_Components/CC_Folder_Component.php: Added setReverseFilter()
so you can filter files that you *do* want to see (the default is
to filter what you *don't* want to see).
2004-08-02 17:53 jamie
* CC_Utilities.php: Added deleteAssociativeArrayElement.
2004-07-31 17:00 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Delete_Record_Handler.php: Set multipleClick to
false by default.
2004-07-31 16:54 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Delete_Ordered_Record_Handler.php: Set
multipleClick to default to false.
2004-07-30 18:16 mike
* CC_Database.php, CC_Window.php,
CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: Get ordered insert working
properly (was this ever tested, in the history of the universe?).
Get files uploaded too!
2004-07-30 17:49 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Insert_Ordered_Record_Handler.php: Default
multiple click to false, poo poo head.
2004-07-30 14:43 jamie
* CC_Summaries/CC_Ordered_Summary.php (version-1): Overrode
2004-07-30 14:05 jamie
* CC_Record.php (version-1): Changed loop condition for adding
ordered records.
2004-07-30 11:12 patrick
* CC_Record.php: CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field now accepts
"uploadPath" argument from the field manager so you can override
the path to which uploads files go.
2004-07-30 10:13 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: Added a way to set the
2004-07-15 17:01 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Added support for
2004-07-07 17:53 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Added setStatusMessage(), getStatusMessage,
clearStatusMessage(), and hasStatus(). You can now set status
messages for windows that aren't error messages. This is useful,
for example, because after updating a record in a window, you
should indicate to the user that the action completed successfully,
and it should look different than an error message.
2004-07-07 17:52 patrick
* cc_styles.css: Added ccStatus style for the new status messages
of windows.
2004-07-06 16:25 patrick
* CC_Pie_Chart.php: Removed an old line of code which attempted to
output the title onto the image. The new way is better.
2004-07-06 12:23 patrick
* CC_Pie_Chart.php: More doc fixes.
2004-07-06 12:21 patrick
* CC_Pie_Chart.php: Looks like the phpdoc tool doesn't like </p>'s.
2004-07-06 12:10 patrick
* CC_Pie_Chart.php: Improved the documentation (including an
example of how to use the class), fixed the drawing of the title
(it wasn't doing it before), and made the drawing of the title
2004-06-29 14:53 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php: If we are abbreviating the
list of states/provinces make sure to put the n/a option into it's
own array.
2004-06-28 16:20 patrick
* CC_Summary.php, CC_Handlers/CC_Delete_Record_Handler.php,
CC_Windows/CC_View_Record_Window.php: Fixed a bug where the
view/edit/delete windows (and respective handlers) were not paying
attention to the idColumn of the parent CC_Summary.
2004-06-22 11:37 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php: Some critical fixes
to removeDeletedUploadFields() to avoid PHP calls on non-objects.
This entire class is getting really complicated, so we should look
at simplifying it one of these days.
2004-06-21 21:33 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Remove_File_Handler.php: Passing in a cc_record
now actually works.
2004-06-17 17:14 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Fixed a bug with
getDisplayValue when there was an unselected value present. Booga
2004-06-15 16:24 mike
* CC_User.php: Updated the setUserName and getUserName methods to
use the case $username.
2004-05-29 15:17 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Credit_Card_Field.php: Define $maskedNumber before
returning it.
2004-05-29 10:29 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Credit_Card_Field.php: getMaskedNumber() now only
does the masking if there is a number.
2004-05-28 16:00 patrick
* CC_Index.php (version-1): Ugh...
2004-05-28 15:57 patrick
* CC_Fields/_RequireOnceFiles.php (version-1): More krunk to
comment out!
2004-05-28 15:56 patrick
* _RequireOnceFiles.php, CC_Buttons/CC_Sort_Button.php,
CC_Handlers/CC_RemoveFileFromPathHandlr.php (version-1): Removed
require_once lines.
2004-05-28 15:49 patrick
* CC_Handlers/:
CC_Remove_File_Handler.php (version-1): This file was missing the
closing ?> tag!
2004-05-28 15:46 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Date_Added_Field.php,
CC_Handlers/CC_Multiple_Selections_Handler.php (version-1): This
file was missing the closing ?> tag!
2004-05-18 13:13 patrick
* CC_Database.php (version-1), CC_Database.php: Store the password
and datasource strings in a more secure fashion so not just anyone
can go look at the session file and get the passwords for our
precious databases!
2004-05-13 09:55 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: The add handler wasn't being constructed with the
correct label in register().
2004-05-13 09:51 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: $this->addWindow was not defined.
2004-05-05 09:54 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Fixed getViewHTML to return
either the correct value, or if a value hasn't been set return the
current index's value.
2004-04-30 14:06 patrick
* CC_Database.php: doDelete() was throwing an E_USER_ERROR instead
2004-04-26 20:14 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Cancel_Cleanup_Handler.php: Fix $window to
2004-04-23 14:28 jamie
* CC_Fields/: CC_Checkbox_Field.php, CC_RadioButton.php: Added
disabled support.
2004-04-23 14:24 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton.php: Added support for disabled radio
button fields.
2004-04-23 14:23 jamie
* CC_Field.php: Added isDisabled method.
2004-04-23 14:21 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Checkbox_Field.php: Fixed disabled HTML.
2004-04-23 11:43 jamie
* CC_Window.php: Deprecated objectExists and replaced it with
2004-04-20 09:53 patrick
* CC_Config.php, CC_Database.php: Set default database alert email
to, not crew@.
2004-04-16 12:33 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Date_Field.php: Added reset() method to reset the
date; changed getViewHTML() to display a "-" if there is no date
set, and setAllowBlankValue(true) is used.
2004-04-15 15:39 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Added doGetRow() -- a way to easily get one row
from a query.
2004-04-15 13:22 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Date_Field.php: Added setValue() to pass in a
YYYY-MM-DD string and have it parsed nicely.
2004-04-15 11:07 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Manage_OneToMany_Handler.php: Used setObject()
instead of setArgument() when passing an object in.
2004-04-15 11:07 patrick
* CC_Windows/CC_OneToMany_Window.php: Fixed summary to construct
properly (still using old CC_Framework constructor). We also show
if the item is selected, even in read-only mode.
2004-04-15 11:06 patrick
* CC_Summary_Content_Providers/CC_OneToMany_Check_Provider.php:
Added ability to make the checkboxes be read-only.
2004-04-15 11:05 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_OneToMany_Field.php: Minor fixes to get rid of
warning messages. This field needs some serious work.
2004-04-14 12:42 patrick
* ChangeLog: Latest ChangeLog for upcoming N2O version 1.6. Please
review changes since Feb 11, and test all the changes.
2004-04-14 10:40 patrick
* CC_Record.php: The expiry field wasn't been created by reference.
2004-04-14 10:39 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Expiry_Date_Field.php: Make the start and end year
of this field be a little smarter so we don't have to keep updating
2004-04-13 14:51 patrick
* CC_Window.php: argumentExists() is now deprecated. Use
hasArgument() instead.
2004-04-07 20:11 jamie
* CC_Button.php: Added proper button disabling.
2004-04-07 11:52 patrick
* CC_Fields/: CC_AutoSubmit_Select_Field.php,
CC_Multiple_SelectList_Field.php, CC_SelectList_Field.php: Removed
the new-line character at the end of the getHTML(). If someone
wants one, they should have the choice of adding it themselves.
2004-04-05 20:52 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Sprintf_Filter.php: Added a generic
sprintf() filter so that you can use the same class to produce a
wide range of results. The only limit is what sprintf() can do.
2004-04-05 20:32 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_DateTime_Filter.php: Made more flexible so
you can supress the time.
2004-04-05 20:04 patrick
* CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php: The search
component now uses a style of "ccSummarySearch", so you can
override it if you want it to appear in a particular way.
2004-04-05 20:03 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Optimized the way we use styles for the rows.
Thanks to Luke Andrews of, we now specify the
style for the entire row rather than for each cell.
2004-04-05 20:02 patrick
* cc_styles.css: Revised and added some new styles. Hopefully it
won't break too much!
2004-04-02 13:48 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Added doGetOne() to return the first column of
the first row of a query. Handy for stats queries.
2004-04-01 14:17 patrick
* CC_Utilities.php: Added getStackTrace() which returns a string of
all the classes and functions that were called to get to the point
of code where you call getStackTrace(). This will help debugging
certain things a *LOT* easier.
2004-03-29 14:39 mike
* CC_Database.php, CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Reorder_Handler.php:
Fixed the Reorder Handler to properly get the affected number of
rows after a delete.
2004-03-28 15:40 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_XLS_Summary_Handler.php: Made the columns
a little wider.
2004-03-28 15:36 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Internally scramble the database encode password
so it is not readable in the session file.
2004-03-25 13:15 patrick
* CC_Image_Utilities.php: Default to PNG instead of JPEG.
2004-03-25 13:05 patrick
* CC_Image_Utilities.php, CC_Fields/CC_Image_Upload_Field.php:
Image thumbnail generation is better now. If the image is smaller
than the desired icon, an icon is created of the desired size, and
then the original image is pasted in the middle of it.
2004-03-22 15:53 patrick
* CC_Index.php, _RequireOnceFiles.php: Moved the inclusion of
CC_Image_Utilities.php into the _RequireOnceFiles.php file.
2004-03-21 16:04 jamie
* CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Reorder_Handler.php: Make sure that
sorting doesn't overrun the rows array! Yee haw!!
2004-03-21 15:45 jamie
* CC_Window.php: Some good debug code for future use.
2004-03-20 17:03 jamie
* CC_Summaries/CC_Ordered_Summary.php: changed the orderedSumamary
to allow for other handlers.
2004-03-19 18:45 jamie
* CC_Summaries/CC_Ordered_Summary.php: pass the record id to
2004-03-19 18:43 jamie
* CC_Summaries/CC_Ordered_Summary.php: Added the ability to add a
handler for when a sort happens.
2004-03-19 13:43 mike
* CC_Summaries/CC_Ordered_Summary.php: Fixed this ordered summary
to match the regular summary in terms of count(*).
2004-03-19 11:32 jamie
* CC_Summary.php, CC_Summaries/CC_Ordered_Summary.php: Changed the
way the add handler gets constructed and did some ordered updates.
2004-03-16 17:56 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Folder_Component.php: Plop on a slash for the
folder name if one wasn't there.
2004-03-15 14:02 patrick
* CC_Handlers/: CC_Summary_JumpPage_Handler.php,
CC_Summary_Next_Handler.php, CC_Summary_Num_Rows_Handler.php,
CC_Summary_Previous_Handler.php, CC_Summary_Refresh_Handler.php,
CC_Summary_Reorder_Handler.php: Force updates on the summaries in
case we get fast clickers like Jamie. (CC_Summary has an update
threshold which will skip an update if it's within the timeout. It
defaults to 2 seconds.)
2004-03-15 13:58 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Sort_Handler.php: Force an update of the
2004-03-14 11:13 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Fixed setActionArguments() to strstr() on
$action instead of $this->action.
2004-03-12 12:46 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Only display the warning in update() if DEBUG is
2004-03-11 17:01 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Trigger an error warning if update() is skipped.
2004-03-11 17:01 patrick
* CC_Buttons/: CC_AnchorImage_Button.php, CC_Sort_Button.php,
CC_Text_Button.php: Typo!!
2004-03-11 16:51 patrick
* CC_Buttons/: CC_AnchorImage_Button.php, CC_Text_Button.php: Fixed
getHTML() to add the pageIdKey.
2004-03-11 16:49 patrick
* CC_Buttons/CC_Sort_Button.php: Fixes to getHTML() to include the
pageIdKey in the URL.
2004-03-11 13:00 mike
* CC_Components/: CC_Folder_Component.php,
CC_Image_Folder_Component.php: Updates to defer updating the folder
view/image view until after it has been registerd.
2004-03-11 12:57 jamie
* CC_Summaries/CC_Ordered_Summary.php: ccDie to cc_die
2004-03-10 14:40 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Folder_Component.php: Optionally show the
directory name in the listing. (pass false in the getHTML() method
to NOT show it.
2004-03-10 14:39 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Image_Folder_Component.php: Optionally show the
directory name in the listing.
2004-03-10 12:22 mike
* CC_Components/: CC_Folder_Component.php,
CC_Image_Folder_Component.php: Added ability to filter files with
case sensitivity.
2004-03-09 13:02 jamie
* CC_Application.php: Removed debug code.
2004-03-07 21:50 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_URL_Redirect_Handler.php: Added warning output in
the constructor suggesting that developers may want to use the
CC_Rewrite_Url_Handler instead. This handler works differently, and
uses a part of CC_Index that I'd like to see removed. I decided to
add this warning, because the two handlers are easily mistaken, and
I used this one when I actually wanted the other. I was like, "why
on earth do I have to click twice on buttons for it to take me
where they want to go?!"
2004-03-07 21:47 patrick
* CC_Application.php, CC_Index.php, CC_Window.php: First round
checkin for support of multiple instances of the same window. Use
getWindow(<name>, <key>), registerWindow(<name>, <key>),
setAction(<name>, <key>), etc. <key> is optional of course, and the
previous calls will all work just the same as they did before.
2004-03-04 17:24 mike
* CC_Image_Utilities.php: Fixed Image utilities to create proper
2004-03-04 14:22 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Image_Folder_Component.php: Fixed directory
2004-03-04 14:15 mike
* CC_Image_Utilities.php: Fixed the thumbnail path.
2004-03-04 14:04 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Delete_Image_Folder_File_Handler.php: If we are
deleting from the Image Folder, make sure to delete the thumbnails
as well...
2004-03-04 13:06 mike
* CC_Image_Utilities.php: Added an option to turn off automatic
thumbnail generation when calling the getThumbnail method.
2004-03-03 16:16 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Added the component id to the
select list. Look at the setId method is CC_Field for more info...
2004-03-03 16:13 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Image_Folder_Component.php: Many improvements,
much of them reflected in the CC_Folder_Component as well. boo-yaa!
2004-03-03 16:11 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Folder_Component.php: Added better path
checking, a check for if the file is a directory, download button,
and ability to customize the delete button handler.
2004-03-03 16:09 mike
* CC_Window.php: Added isComponentRegistered() - does pretty much
what you think it does.
2004-03-03 11:51 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Removed the comments that were
killing the world.
2004-03-03 11:50 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_AutoSubmit_Select_Field.php: StrCMP, baby!!
2004-03-03 06:29 jamie
* _RequireOnceFiles.php: Added Pie Chart to this.
2004-03-03 06:29 jamie
* CC_Pie_Chart.php: Add this thing already.
2004-03-03 06:28 jamie
* CC_Fields/: CC_RadioButton_Field.php, CC_SelectList_Field.php:
Moved some methods to the superclass.
2004-03-03 06:27 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_Choice_Field.php: Added generic options
2004-03-02 18:20 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Image_Upload_Field.php: Fixed getDisplayWidth() and
getDisplayHeight() to return the image's width and height in the
case that the display width and height haven't been set. TODO: add
getImageWidth() and getImageHeight().
2004-03-02 15:48 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Suppressed a PHP warning when peeking in the
$_FILES array.
2004-03-02 15:47 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php: Fixed
getUploadField() to make sure $index >=
sizeof($this->uploadFieldArray) rather than just greater than.
Apparently, given an empty array, the following bit of code will
actually create an empty element in the array:
return $this->uploadFieldArray[0];
That's PHP for you!
2004-02-26 22:13 patrick
* CC_Application.php, CC_Index.php: Created functions getFormOpen()
and getFormClose() in CC_Application. Now, on a given page, you can
split the form up so that hitting return in certain fields or
records will trigger selected buttons.
2004-02-26 22:10 patrick
* CC_Fields/: CC_File_Upload_Field.php,
CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php: Added ability to disable the
delete functionality in the file upload fields.
CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php only: overrode the register()
method of CC_Field, and deferred the registering of the
$addMoreFilesButton until the field itself is registered.
2004-02-26 22:08 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Remove_File_Handler.php: Fixed handler to accept a
CC_Record, CC_MultipleFileUpload_Field, or CC_FileUpload_Field.
Please note that you have to attach this handler to your
update/save button if you want the deleting to work in the file
upload fields.
2004-02-26 12:12 mike
* CC_Utilities.php: Update the parseOMatic to take a boolean option
to use a file or use the passed string.
2004-02-24 16:21 patrick
* CC_Field.php: Added note in docs for setDisabled() to say that
not all fields have made use of this feature yet.
2004-02-24 16:20 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Text_Field.php: Added support for setDisabled().
2004-02-21 10:26 patrick
* CC_Config.php: Added line for $ccDatabaseAlertEmail.
2004-02-17 10:17 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Boolean_Filter.php: Take into account
true/false strings.
2004-02-16 13:05 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_Checkbox_Field.php: Added ability to use CC_Field's
new disabled and id variables.
2004-02-16 13:03 mike
* CC_Field.php: Added two amazing new features to fields. 1)
Ability to disable the field with the setDisabled() method, 2)
Ability to set the id entity of a field with the setId() method.
Look at the CC_Checkbox getEditHTML() method to see these in
2004-02-16 12:35 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Added support for the cc_autosubmit_select_field
field. Previously, this field had to be constructed manually.
2004-02-16 12:34 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_AutoSubmit_Select_Field.php: Moved the registering
of the button to the register() callback; added a getButton()
2004-02-12 13:57 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Image_Folder_Component.php: Added list view to
folder, joining the very popular icon view!
2004-02-12 13:42 mike
* CC_Index.php: require the CC_Image_Utilities
2004-02-12 13:41 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Folder_Component.php: Changes to the
CC_Folder_Component so that subclasses such as
CC_Image_Folder_Component work nicely.
2004-02-12 13:40 mike
* CC_Image_Utilities.php: A toolbox of image manipulation things...
get the dimensions of an image, create a thumbnail, the
posibilities are endless!
2004-02-12 13:39 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Image_Folder_Component.php: Viewing images in a
folder has never been more fun! This will take all the images in a
folder, create thumbnails, and layout the images in a table.
2004-02-11 17:01 patrick
* ChangeLog: Latest ChangeLog for N2O version 1.5.4
2004-02-11 17:00 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Checkboxes were not being checked if the field
manager had a checked=1. I don't feel like explaining everything,
but the bottom line is that it was because PHP considers 0 and an
empty variable to be the same. This is where the === operator comes
in handy, as it also checks type (so $test === 0 is only true if
$test is an integer 0, where is $test == 0 is true if $test is 0 or
2004-02-11 10:57 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Button_Click_Handler.php: Add a handler to click a
2004-02-10 10:58 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Folder_Component.php: Added ability to update
the folder after adding/removing filters.
2004-02-10 10:01 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Folder_Component.php: Added support for
filtering out files containing specific strings (ie: .jpg). Also a
method to clear all filters that have been applied to a folder.
2004-02-09 16:31 patrick
* ChangeLog: Latest ChangeLog for N2O version 1.5.3.
2004-02-09 16:18 patrick
* CC_Index.php: We no longer make a call to session_name() if
$session_name is not set.
2004-02-06 14:29 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Added support to be able to specify key/value
pairs for a CC_SelectList_Field using the field manager.
Previously, you could only do: 'options=Blue,Red,Green'. Now, you
can do: 'options=blue=Cobalt Blue,red=Dried Blood Red,green=Snot
2004-02-06 12:44 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Added margin around the table when no records are
2004-02-05 16:45 patrick
* CC_FieldManager.php: Changed the way we parse the parameters for
the field manager so that you can have an equals sign in the value.
2004-02-05 16:28 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Forgot to add support for the whereClause if you
didn't specify an orderBy column.
2004-02-05 16:15 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Added the ability to specify a whereClause
parameter for CC_Foreign_Key_Fields...
2004-02-05 16:15 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Foreign_Key_Field.php: Fixed bug in
getDisplayValue() where it was return $unselectedValue instead of
2004-02-05 16:13 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_File_Size_Filter.php,
CC_Components/CC_Folder_Component.php: Created a
CC_File_Size_Filter class; modified CC_Folder_Component to use it
rather than its own code.
2004-02-05 16:07 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Another small fix to
getSelectedIndex(). When checking to see if the value of the field
is the unselected value, we now compare it with
2004-02-05 13:30 patrick
* ChangeLog: Latest ChangeLog for N2O version 1.5.2.
2004-02-05 13:23 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Fixed a bug in
getSelectedIndex() where it would not return the correct index if
there was an unselected value set.
2004-02-04 16:31 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Added objectExists() method to match
2004-02-04 12:52 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Rewrite_Url_Handler.php: Removed some debug code.
2004-02-04 12:50 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Rewrite_Url_Handler.php: Fixed the constructor.
2004-01-30 12:09 patrick
* CC_Component.php: Added a call to registerCustomComponent($this)
in register(). This way, simple components don't have to override
2004-01-23 15:29 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Reltve_Timestamp_Fltr.php: Do the same
stuff as in the CC_Relative_Date_Filter. (Option to turn the alert
stuff off.)
2004-01-23 14:38 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Relative_Date_Filter.php: Added support for
turning off the "alert" style for overdue dates.
2004-01-21 09:39 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Removed an extra <p> tag.
2004-01-18 13:20 patrick
* ChangeLog: Added latest changes.
2004-01-18 12:48 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton_Field.php: Added a check for an index
that is less than 0 in setSelectedAtIndex().
2004-01-15 14:14 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_ISO_Country_Field.php: Removed "Province of China"
from Taiwan listing.
2004-01-14 08:03 jamie
* CC_Window.php, CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_Choice_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Added the Multiple Select List.
2004-01-14 07:59 jamie
* CC_Record.php: Added the Multiple Select List
2004-01-08 16:41 patrick
* _TABLE_DEFINITIONS_MYSQL.txt: Changed default table type to
2004-01-06 16:53 patrick
* CC_Summaries/CC_Safe_Summary.php: Check for errors when doing the
2004-01-06 16:37 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Fixed a bug in getRowHTML() where it was checking
for the string "id" instead of $this->_idColumn.
2004-01-04 12:20 patrick
* CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php: The search and
clear buttons in the search-o-matic should not be validating on
2003-12-24 18:25 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton_Field.php, CC_Summary.php,
CC_Record.php: Replaced is_int with cc_is_int.
2003-12-24 18:23 jamie
* CC_Utilities.php: Added cc_is_int since PHP's is_int isn't robust
enough (no pun intended).
2003-12-19 14:22 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php: Updated Armed Forces areas
in US State choices.
2003-12-17 13:34 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Credit_Card_Field.php: Added setAllowDiscover().
2003-12-17 01:36 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Fade the N2O logo a bit.
2003-12-17 01:24 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Don't show the timestamp by default. Too cluttered
and not necessary.
2003-12-16 22:38 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Added powered by N2O logo.
2003-12-16 15:23 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Removed folder prefix.
2003-12-16 15:21 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Added the graph path to be tmp instead of graphs.
2003-12-16 11:21 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Dollar_Field.php: Set the default maxlength to 10.
2003-12-15 20:43 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Credit_Card_Field.php (version-1): Improve validate
to allow for Amercian Express numbers (15 digits).
2003-12-15 12:20 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Removed extra pixels on CC_Graph's size..
2003-12-15 01:54 jamie
* CC_Date_Graph.php: Made some changes that I hope will eventually
get added to N2O. Krunk!
2003-12-15 01:11 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Changes aplenty!
2003-12-14 16:59 mike
* CC_Record.php: move the cc_number_field by the floatnumber_field
(so it can use the same args).
2003-12-14 04:23 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Debugging.
2003-12-14 03:31 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Removed antialias fcn.
2003-12-14 02:57 jamie
* _RequireOnceFiles.php: Require CC_Graph
2003-12-14 02:51 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Center labels based on font size.
2003-12-14 02:23 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Fixed a booga booga.
2003-12-14 02:10 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Added top and right margins.
2003-12-12 10:00 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: More lovely changes!
2003-12-11 02:31 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: The latest in CC Graph technology.
2003-12-10 14:27 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_Checkbox_Field.php: Added an onClick action to the
2003-12-09 00:38 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Graph additions.
2003-12-05 09:31 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_ISO_Country_Field.php: Resorted some countries to be
alphabetical by country name rather than ISO code.
2003-12-05 09:30 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Improved the error message when a button wasn't
found in the window.
2003-12-04 18:20 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_TextArea_Field.php: Autolink, old-skool!
2003-12-04 18:20 mike
* CC_Record.php: Autolink, suckas!
2003-12-04 17:03 patrick
* CC_ErrorManager.php: Get the application object out of the
$_SESSION array.
2003-12-03 21:15 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton_Field.php: Used is_int instead of
2003-12-03 20:54 jamie
* CC_Record.php: Check for parameter2s existence and monimize silly
trigger error messages.
2003-12-02 09:47 patrick
* CC_ZIP_File.php: Added addFolder() function.
2003-11-28 22:24 mike
* CC_Record.php: Set the value of a selectlist with the
fieldManager args.
2003-11-28 21:14 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Credit_Card_Field.php: Improved getMaskedNumber().
(Displays the first four digits; if no value is passed in, it uses
the value of the field; getEditHTML() now also uses
2003-11-28 20:47 mike
* CC_Utilities.php: When recursing into required folder, ignore
hidden files.
2003-11-28 18:43 patrick
* CC_Utilities.php: Made requireAllFilesInFolder() recursive.
2003-11-28 16:13 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: What happened?
2003-11-28 13:55 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php: Add a method to
2003-11-28 13:44 mike
* CC_Record.php: Check if x and y both exists for textarea args.
2003-11-28 10:18 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php: Switched over to
remove files with a checkbox rather than a button.
2003-11-28 10:15 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Remove_File_Handler.php: Repurposed this file to
scan for files checked as deleted, and them go ahead and delete
'em. Before this file was used with the 'Remove' (no longer
2003-11-28 10:07 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: Removed the remove button,
replaced it with a checkbox for good times.
2003-11-28 10:04 mike
* CC_Window.php: Commented out some removeDeletedUploadFiles which
will be handled in CC_Remove_File_Handler.
2003-11-27 12:37 mike
* CC_Record.php, CC_Handlers/CC_Manage_FK_Table_Handler.php:
Constructed the foreign key properly (with new options, setting
correct options, and making sure it is either editable/viewable)
2003-11-27 11:52 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Record_Handler.php: Check if we have a
request variable already set in the targetWindow, if we do use an
'&' rather than '?' to join the rest of the request vars.
2003-11-26 18:43 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Insert_FK_Record_Handler.php: Set the
'recentlyAddedFKKeyValue' key to include to field name so multiple
foreign keys can exist peacefully on one page.
2003-11-26 18:42 mike
* CC_Record.php: Set the updated foreign key field to the newly
generated field (set selected to the additional value if added).
Also set the key to include to field name so multiple foreign keys
can exist peacefully on one page.
2003-11-26 18:13 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Insert_FK_Record_Handler.php: Switched up setting
the argument to key 'recentlyAddedForeignKeyValue' (with the value
of the inserted record), rather than the foreign key field name
because the key 'recentlyAddedForeignKeyValue' is already being
used in CC_Record. I think it is safer to change the key name here,
rather than in CC_Record.
2003-11-26 18:09 mike
* CC_Window.php: For some reason foreign key updating was
completely removed from N2O. Updated getRecordAtIndex (passing in
the boolean to update foreign keys). Updated getRecord to update
the foreign keys.
2003-11-26 17:30 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Insert_Record_Handler.php: unregisterCurrentWindow
BEFORE we set the action.
2003-11-26 12:07 mike
* CC_Windows/CC_Delete_Confirm_Window.php: Fixed invalid array key,
and undefined variable.
2003-11-26 11:58 mike
* CC_Windows/CC_OneToMany_Window.php: Replaced deprecated method.
2003-11-26 11:57 mike
* CC_Windows/CC_Manage_FK_Table_Window.php: replaced deprecated
methods with good ones.
2003-11-26 11:45 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_Timestamp_Field.php: Removed defaultValue from being
passed to the parent, since it doesn't exist.
2003-11-26 11:43 mike
* CC_FieldManager.php: Set the fieldData['args'] to blank string if
there are no arguments. This eliminates those pesky 'Undefined
index: args' messages. All good? Can this krunk something?
2003-11-26 11:31 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: fixed the path, so the image
can be seen, not heard.
2003-11-26 11:05 mike
* CC_Windows/: CC_Add_FK_Record_Window.php,
CC_Add_Ordered_Record_Window.php, CC_Add_Record_Window.php,
CC_Delete_Confirm_Window.php, CC_Delete_Ordered_Confirm_Window.php,
CC_Edit_Ordered_Record_Window.php, CC_Edit_Record_Window.php,
CC_View_Ordered_Record_Window.php, CC_View_Record_Window.php:
Updated the default windows... to the extreme.x
2003-11-22 13:01 patrick
* CC_Index.php: Added check for $cookiePath.
2003-11-22 13:01 patrick
* CC_Config.php: Added $cookiePath setting so you can override the
path to the session cookie.
2003-11-22 12:08 jamie
* CC_Summary.php, CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Num_Rows_Handler.php,
CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Sort_Handler.php: Set summary preference
cookies based on the session name as well as the summary name.
2003-11-22 11:24 jamie
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Text_Shortening_Popup_Filter.php: Added
this crazy filter to N2O!
2003-11-19 14:15 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Click_Button_Handler.php: Added handler to click a
2003-11-18 22:56 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Credit_Card_Field.php: Corrected validate() to
return false when the checkSum fails.
2003-11-18 17:39 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Password_Field.php: Added setRequireAlphaNumeric()
so you can make a password only validate if it has both letters AND
2003-11-18 12:36 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Insert_Record_Handler.php: Removed debug line.
2003-11-18 11:54 patrick
* CC_Field.php: getViewHTML() wasn't returning $this->getValue(),
so no text was being displayed when there was no inputStyle!
2003-11-17 21:39 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Password_Field.php: validate() should set the error
2003-11-17 20:44 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: $index was being incremented
in getSelectedIndex() in the wrong place.
2003-11-17 20:03 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php: Fixed setSelectedIndex() and
getSelectedIndex() to take into account the unselectedValue(). If
there is an unselectedValue, I would assume that
setSelectedIndex(0) would set it to the unselected value, but
previously it did not.
2003-11-16 15:47 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Removed debug code...
2003-11-16 15:33 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Output doUpdate(), doInsert(), and doDelete()
queries when debug mode is on.
2003-11-16 15:23 patrick
* CC_Windows/CC_Delete_Confirm_Window.php: Removed old
commented-out code.
2003-11-16 14:27 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Checkbox_Field.php: Not a very good liar.
2003-11-16 14:26 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Checkbox_Field.php: Added some useful methods to
CC_CheckBox_Field which return alternate, user-friendly (and
unfriendly) values.
2003-11-16 13:28 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Image_Upload_Field.php: [no log message]
2003-11-16 01:37 jamie
* CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php: Midle was
2003-11-16 00:29 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_Choice_Field.php: Fixed a bug when
assigning multiple required values for a field.
2003-11-15 18:00 jamie
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_XLS_Summary_Handler.php: Added
alternating row colours.
2003-11-15 17:45 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Added the ability to provide custom Download
handlers in the summary.
2003-11-15 12:13 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: No more debug.
2003-11-15 12:11 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: DEbug code.
2003-11-15 12:09 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Debug code please.
2003-11-15 12:06 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Boolean mishaps.
2003-11-15 12:01 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Added downloadQueryComplete.
2003-11-15 00:43 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Text_Gutting_Filter.php: Added the amazing
CC_Text_Gutting_Filter. It's a lean, mean, guttin' machine!
2003-11-14 19:55 mike
* CC_Utilities.php: Added access, param, and return values for
documention for the parseOMatic().
2003-11-14 19:52 mike
* CC_Utilities.php: Can you say... Parse-O-Matic 5000?
2003-11-14 15:37 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Image_Upload_Field.php: Fixed a bug having to do
with icon size.
2003-11-14 15:32 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Removed debug line from setRequired().
2003-11-14 15:03 jamie
* CC_Field.php: Updated some comments.
2003-11-14 15:00 jamie
* CC_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_Checkbox_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Password_Field.php, CC_Fields/CC_SelectList_Field.php,
CC_Fields/CC_Text_Field.php: Added input style to differentiate
between label and input styles.
2003-11-13 20:51 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Expiry_Date_Field.php: Moved getMMYYValue fcns to
parent and added getMMValue and getYYvalue to parent as well!
2003-11-13 20:51 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Date_Field.php: Moved certain date fields to the
parent and added a couple, too.
2003-11-13 20:11 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_ISO_Country_Field.php: US of A to USA.
2003-11-13 20:06 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_ISO_Country_Field.php: Changed order of ISO country
list to put North American gluttons first.
2003-11-12 16:49 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton_Field.php: New method,
setOnClickAtIndex(), which will add onClick events for each
2003-11-12 03:25 jamie
* CC_Button.php: Changed comments of setOnClick.
2003-11-12 03:25 jamie
* CC_Buttons/CC_Image_Button.php: Added onClick to getHTML.
2003-11-10 14:55 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Made download buttons text links so that everyone
can enjoy them!
2003-11-10 12:04 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_Choice_Field.php: Added a todo comment
about listing associated fields before the parent field so they are
updated before calling the validate method.
2003-11-08 21:30 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Removed some trigger_errors() on the doXXX()
methods that were output thing queries when debug was off.
2003-11-08 21:07 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Fixed things to work properly if the record is
constructed with an id that doesn't exist.
2003-11-08 16:08 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Image_Upload_Field.php: Do a check to make sure the
GD functions we use exist before calling them.
2003-11-06 16:35 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Reformatted the database error email.
2003-11-06 16:15 jamie
* CC_Database.php: Send mail message when openDatabase fails.
Return errors in all possible spots so that application can handle
these gracefully.
2003-11-05 12:43 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Added optionalValue parameter to the
2003-11-03 22:18 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php,
CC_Handlers/CC_Delete_Record_Handler.php: Fixes to some uses of
2003-11-02 13:28 patrick
* CC_Window.php, CC_Windows/CC_Add_FK_Record_Window.php,
CC_Windows/CC_View_Record_Window.php: Added
isRecordRegisteredAtIndex() to CC_Window, updated all the default
windows to not use getRecord($key).
2003-11-02 13:10 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Broke (on purpose) the getRecord($key) method, as
that whole record key thing is troublesome. It does not allow you
to register two records that both use the same table and ID. Plus,
I'm pretty sure we no longer use it anymore anyhow.
getRecordAtIndex() is the preferred way.
2003-11-02 12:13 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Used reference operator when constructing a
bunch of things in the constructor and in setUser().
2003-10-31 11:07 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Output which window received the undefined
component in registerComponent().
2003-10-30 17:49 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Updated setDisplayName() to set the download
filename if it's not already set.
2003-10-30 17:35 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Check for lowercase ID in getRawSummary().
2003-10-30 17:30 patrick
* CC_Summary.php, CC_Summary_Filter.php: Pass in the $row to the
2003-10-30 17:27 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Removed debug code.
2003-10-30 17:25 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_XLS_Summary_Handler.php: Remove debug
2003-10-30 17:20 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Rewrote getRawSummary() because it wasn't working
with Postgres.
2003-10-30 16:43 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Added debug code to getRawSummary().
2003-10-30 16:33 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Line 993 had an unquoted string.
2003-10-30 16:31 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_XLS_Summary_Handler.php: Added debug
2003-10-28 12:13 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Removed double 'No Records Found' message.
2003-10-24 15:51 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Hidden_Field.php: Corrected parameter documentation
in constructor. Value can be anything, not just a float.
2003-10-22 16:18 patrick
* CC_Window.php: registerButton() now returns the index at which
the button was inserted.
2003-10-22 16:16 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Fixed another typo.
2003-10-22 16:10 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Fixed an accidental parse error.
2003-10-22 16:09 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Added getButtonAtIndex() method.
2003-10-22 13:59 patrick
* CC_Button.php: Added setOnClick().
2003-10-21 20:21 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php: Did an additional
check in resetInvalid(). Shouldn't be necessary, but perhaps
because of the way some elements are deleted from the array.
2003-10-21 11:48 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Image_Upload_Field.php: Added additional MIME types
to support IE for Windows (which breaks the standard).
2003-10-21 11:35 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: Referenced the wrong
2003-10-21 11:34 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: If a file is not in the
$typesList, output what was received instead.
2003-10-21 11:28 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: Call trigger_error() on
errors so we can see what's going on. Also converted double quotes
to single.
2003-10-19 17:53 patrick
* CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php: Added search() and
clear() methods.
2003-10-19 17:25 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Search_Handler.php: Force the update on
the summary.
2003-10-18 20:56 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Added ability to force a call to update().
2003-10-15 16:36 mike
* CC_Summary.php: Added count query to the error message for the
count thingo.
2003-10-14 21:58 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Added error message in summary download if there
is an error in the query.
2003-10-14 21:48 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Type-o.
2003-10-14 21:41 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Added error checking in getRawSummary()/
2003-10-14 13:17 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_RadioButton.php: Fixed setOnClickAction().
2003-10-13 14:00 jamie
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_ZIP_Summary_Handler.php: Fixed typo for
Zip file.
2003-10-13 13:51 jamie
* CC_ZIP_File.php: Store the content-length in a member variable
for outside access.
2003-10-13 13:50 jamie
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_ZIP_Summary_Handler.php: Added
content-length header.
2003-10-13 13:06 jamie
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_XLS_Summary_Handler.php: Back to XLS.
2003-10-13 12:50 jamie
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_XLS_Summary_Handler.php: Trying .xl file
extension instead.
2003-10-12 22:03 patrick
* CC_Record.php, CC_RelationshipManager.php: Better error-handling
when there's a problem with the query...
2003-10-11 16:09 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Update_Record_Handler.php: Fixed syntax error.
2003-10-11 16:08 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Removed the debug error logging...
2003-10-11 16:07 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Update_Record_Handler.php: Check to make sure we
could update the record, and set a window error message if we
2003-10-11 16:04 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Insert_Record_Handler.php: Check to make sure we
were able to add the record, and if not, set a window error
2003-10-11 16:02 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Fixed getLastInsertId() to not close the
2003-10-11 15:29 patrick
* CC_Index.php: We still want to update the pageId during a
multiple click, me thinks. The handler should be the one deciding
what to do...
2003-10-11 15:18 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Improved logging in multiple click detection.
2003-10-11 14:43 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Added setButtonExpiryTime().
2003-10-11 14:32 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Added a trigger_error() when a multiple click
is detected.
2003-10-11 10:58 patrick
* CC_Index.php: Get rid of the regular expression check of
$cookieExpiryTime -- it will now always be defined in hours.
2003-10-10 22:04 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: If there's an error in the query, we now display
the error inside the summary rather than barfing in a really ugly
2003-10-10 21:35 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Only trigger warnings when queries fail, and
instead return the PEAR error object. This can be tested for using
2003-10-10 20:01 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php: Shortened unselected values for
minutes and seconds.
2003-10-10 14:08 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php: Figured out the member call on
2003-10-10 14:04 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Fixed datetime parsing when constructing the
2003-10-10 13:56 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php: Commented out the else in
2003-10-10 13:54 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php: Few fixes...
2003-10-10 13:53 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Date_Field.php: Few minor fixes.
2003-10-10 12:56 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php: Updated setValue() to accept
nothing to clear all the values.
2003-10-10 12:51 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php: Fixed label for minute field.
2003-10-10 12:17 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php: Added setAllowBlankValue().
2003-10-10 11:46 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php: Fixed the substr() call in
setValue() to include the last digit.
2003-10-09 18:21 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Dollar_Filter.php: Added
2003-10-09 18:07 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_XLS_Summary_Handler.php: Force
writeNumber() on data that passes is_numeric(). (write() does not
seem to properly detect this).
2003-10-09 10:44 mike
* CC_Buttons/CC_AnchorText_Button.php: Smarter target usage.
2003-10-06 23:09 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_InternalRewriteUrl_Handler.php: Syntax fix.
2003-10-06 23:08 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_InternalRewriteUrl_Handler.php: Fixes.
2003-10-06 23:06 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_InternalRewriteUrl_Handler.php: manually construct
2003-10-06 15:21 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_ZIP_Summary_Handler.php: Only objects can
be passed in a references.
2003-10-05 02:48 jamie
Multiple selections broke and I fixed them.
2003-10-05 02:48 jamie
* CC_Windows/CC_Delete_Multiple_Confirm_Window.php: Multiple
deleting and processing broke somehow and I fixed it.
2003-10-05 02:47 jamie
* CC_Handlers/CC_Delete_Multiple_Records_Handler.php: Multiple
deleting broke somehow and I fixed it.
2003-10-04 21:35 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Removed an extra closing div tag in
2003-10-04 21:33 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Changed the label on the Download All button to
Download Tab-Delimited File.
2003-10-04 18:38 jamie
* CC_Record.php: Fixed a bug where states and provinces were not
getting displayed for legacy code.
2003-10-04 13:17 mike
* CC_Summary_Filter.php: Added strip_tags method to the
textFriendlyProcessValue in CC_Summary_Filter!
2003-10-04 13:12 mike
* CC_Summary.php: GetDownloadQuery is the place to get the
$downloadAllQuery... will return $query if $downloadAllQuery is not
2003-10-04 12:54 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_XLS_Summary_Handler.php: Use the built it
getDownloadAllQuery method to get the query.
2003-10-04 12:53 mike
* CC_Summary.php: Added method getDownloadAllQuery which will
return the downloadAllQuery, otherwise the query if it isn't set.
2003-10-04 12:18 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php: Modified the
Summary Component to optionally show the label in getHTML or simply
get the label with getLabel()
2003-10-04 11:44 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Summary_Search_Handler.php: Testing adding
mulitple query additions to the search handler.
2003-10-02 16:03 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_XLS_Summary_Handler.php: Use the summary
display name for the filename.
2003-10-02 15:53 mike
* CC_Summary.php: Leave the download file names uninitialzed.
2003-10-02 14:38 jamie
* CC_Graph.php: Add the class for backup purposes.
2003-10-02 14:38 jamie
* CC_Date_Graph.php: Added the class for backup purposes.
2003-10-02 13:27 mike
* CC_Summary.php: Fixed the download query to remove the single
quotes around the order by clause.
2003-10-02 13:13 mike
* CC_Summary.php: switched strchr call to strstr (since strchr is
just an alias to strstr).
2003-10-02 13:02 mike
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_ZIP_Summary_Handler.php: replaced
getTabDelimitedSummary with getRawSummary (passing true to get tab
delimited version of that).
2003-10-02 13:02 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Format the DATE_ADDED field to be spreadsheet
sortable when downloading raw dat
2003-10-02 12:52 jamie
* CC_Utilities.php: Added convertMysqlDateToSortable so that
summary downloads are sortable by date in Excel.
2003-10-02 12:50 mike
* CC_Summary.php: Fixed comment with including download xls button.
2003-10-02 12:16 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Removed tabs from non tab-delimited rawSummary.
2003-10-02 11:15 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php: Check if the rawvalue of the
date value is at least 16 characters.
2003-10-01 21:10 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_DateTime_Field.php: Added setValue() so you can pass
in a raw date and have it parsed the same way CC_Record does it.
2003-10-01 15:42 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_InternalRewriteUrl_Handler.php: Added handler to
redirect within the application url.
2003-09-30 11:09 patrick
* CC_Utilities.php: Improved cc_mail() to add Cc and Bcc recipients
found in the $headers array to the list of recipients.
2003-09-30 00:08 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Foreign_Key_Field.php: Only construct the add button
if we need to (otherwise a button is registered with the window
that may conflict with another).
2003-09-29 23:18 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Fixed syntax error.
2003-09-29 22:43 patrick
* CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php: Added setLabel()
to set the label of the search component.
2003-09-29 22:04 patrick
* CC_Application.php: cc_die() now properly constructs the window.
2003-09-29 14:43 patrick
* CC_Database.php: Added additional error message when you can't
2003-09-29 14:23 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Added ability to have your database
configuration in a different location.
2003-09-29 14:21 patrick
* CC_Config.php: Added a configuration option, $databaseConfigPath.
2003-09-29 08:01 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: getDetailsHTML() now returns
a direct link to the file. This will help with stupid Windows IE
which caches URL in the craziest of ways.
2003-09-28 16:48 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_FloatNumber_Field.php: Overrode getValue() to return
an actual float. (Cast)
2003-09-27 18:48 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Insert_Record_Handler.php: Added ability to decide
if you want the window unregistered.
2003-09-27 18:33 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Insert_Record_Handler.php: Now if you pass in
false for the insertAction, the handler will not set the action.
2003-09-27 16:48 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Image_Upload_Field.php: If the thumbnail cannot read
the original image, set the dimensions to ??x??, and create an
image that says "no thumbnail". We also call imagedestroy() on the
images created to free up memory. Apparently, this is *VERY*
important to do, as the memory may never free up.
2003-09-27 14:47 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_AutoSubmit_Select_Field.php: Added $omitGoButton
option to the constructor so you have an autosubmit field that
doesn't have a button. When omitted, the javascript submits the
form rather than clicking the button, so you have to look for
changes in the value in the CC_Application->preprocess() method
instead (or whatever other mechanism suits you best).
2003-09-23 21:41 jamie
* CC_Utilities.php: Added error-checking in cc_mail.
2003-09-23 17:32 patrick
* CC_Field.php: Updated deprecated warnings to indicate what you
should do instead. N2O should be as helpful as possible.
2003-09-23 15:48 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Email_Field.php: Fixed 2 digit primary domain check.
2003-09-23 12:55 patrick
* CC_Components/CC_Summary_Search_Component.php: Updated
documentation for setSearchButtonDefault() to note that the method
must be called after the component is registered with the window.
2003-09-21 15:01 jamie
* CC_Application.php: Changed some comments.
2003-09-18 23:59 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: Added an extra check in
setFileInfo() to prevent some warnings.
2003-09-18 23:49 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Initialized some variables before using them to
avoid warnings.
2003-09-18 16:38 jamie
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Percentage_Filter.php: Changed path from
CC_Framework to N2O for the related images..
2003-09-18 16:35 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_Percentage_Field.php: Switch image path from
CC_Framework to N20.
2003-09-18 15:24 patrick
* CC_Summary.php: Replaced some printf() calls with echo because
echo with dot concatenation is faster than printf() with string
2003-09-16 17:39 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php: Added comments for the
class member variables.
2003-09-16 17:35 jamie
* CC_Fields/: CC_Province_Field.php, CC_StateProvinceNA_Field.php,
CC_StateProvince_Field.php, CC_State_Field.php: Removed redundant
fields. The new State/Province field has six possible args in the
argument array: showFirst, NAFirst, abbreviated, includeStates,
includedProvinces, includeNA. See CC_ProvinceState_Field for
details and/or CC_Record::createFieldObject().
2003-09-16 17:31 jamie
* CC_Record.php: Added support for the new State/Province Field
while keep it backward compatible.
2003-09-16 17:30 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_ProvinceState_Field.php: Made an all-encompassing
Province/State field to minimize on zee overhead.
2003-09-16 14:54 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Expiry_Date_Field.php: Added getYYMMValue() function
to return the expiry date in a YYMM format (Moneris uses a
backwards format for some reason, so maybe other payment gateways
do too.)
2003-09-16 14:37 patrick
* CC_Handlers/: CC_Insert_Record_Handler.php,
CC_Update_Record_Handler.php: Updated handler to have a default
value for $multipleClick.
2003-09-16 13:49 mike
* CC_Application.php: Added a method 'unregisterAllWindows' to
unregister all the windows.
2003-09-16 10:13 jamie
* CC_Record.php: Added support for CC_StateProvinceNA _Field.
2003-09-16 10:08 jamie
* CC_Fields/CC_StateProvinceNA_Field.php: Added the greatest field
2003-09-16 10:00 jamie
* CC_Record.php: Added support for case CC_StateProvinceNA_Field.
2003-09-15 23:38 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Image_Upload_Field.php: If an icon doesn't exist, we
now [try to] create it.
2003-09-15 23:38 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: Removed some attributes in
getEditHTML() that didn't exist.
2003-09-15 14:12 patrick
* CC_RelationshipManager.php: Added addManyRelationship, changed
constructor to use addXXX() methods.
2003-09-15 13:41 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Added more checks to get rid of warnings.
2003-09-15 13:36 patrick
* CC_FieldManager.php: Simplified constructor to make use of
2003-09-15 01:00 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Fixed is_numeric() typo.
2003-09-15 00:35 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Image_Upload_Field.php: Fixed the naming of the icon
2003-09-14 23:21 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Updated setArgument() and getArgument() to not
pass by reference -- that's what registerObject() and getObject()
are for. setArgument() is for primitive types; registerObject() and
getObject() are for objects.
2003-09-14 18:08 patrick
* cc_styles.css: Fixed style for file fields.
2003-09-14 16:23 patrick
* CC_Fields/: CC_File_Upload_Field.php, CC_Image_Upload_Field.php:
Formatted the output of the filesize. (Thanks, Mike, for the code!)
2003-09-14 15:56 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Fixed the construction of the foreign key field.
2003-09-14 15:49 patrick
* CC_Application.php: Improved the check for the existence of
2003-09-14 15:46 patrick
* CC_FieldManager.php: Construct the stdclass as a reference.
2003-09-14 15:45 patrick
* cc_styles.css: Added styles for the file upload tables
2003-09-14 15:45 patrick
* CC_Fields/: CC_File_Upload_Field.php, CC_Image_Upload_Field.php,
CC_Multiple_File_Upload_Field.php: Converted image upload field to
use GD graphics functions for resizing, etc. No more ImageMagick!
IMPORANT: Changed constructors of uploads fields to not need a
reference to the window.
2003-09-14 15:44 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Added many checks to eliminate all those stupid
2003-09-14 15:27 patrick
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_File_Handler.php: Cleaned up some double
quotes to single.
2003-09-14 14:03 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Id_Link_Filter.php: Added a filter for
linking a column based on the id of the row. You simply define the
urlPrefix and urlSuffix when you construct. It's easy *and* fun!
2003-09-14 12:57 patrick
* CC_Windows/CC_View_Record_Window.php: Construct objects with
references now.
2003-09-14 12:55 patrick
* CC_Windows/CC_View_Record_Window.php: Quoted a string that should
have been quoted.
2003-09-13 23:20 jamie
* CC_Summary.php: Fixed a bug where the first summary on a page was
always being highlit when there were multiple summaries. Added the
summary name to the row's 'id' value to uniquely identify the row
to highlite.
2003-09-13 16:22 jamie
* CC_Handlers/CC_Download_XLS_Handler.php,
CC_Buttons/CC_Download_Excel_Button.php: Added a standalone
download Excel button.
2003-09-13 15:30 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Foreign_Key_Field.php: Fixed some double quotes to
single, removed some old comments.
2003-09-13 15:25 patrick
* CC_Database_Config.php: Corrected DATABASE_TYPE example to not be
enclosed in quotes.
2003-09-13 15:22 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_File_Upload_Field.php: getIcon() was incorrectly
referencing /CC_Framework/ instead of /N2O.
2003-09-13 15:21 patrick
* CC_ErrorManager.php: Corrected N20 to N2O. (zero to oh)
2003-09-13 15:19 patrick
* CC_Config.php, CC_ErrorManager.php, CC_Index.php: Changed the
error logging to go use Apache's error logging facilities. Whatever
ErrorLog is set to in your Apache configuration will be where
errors go.
Reformatted error messages to match style used by Apache. (Added
client IP, removed date, removed line break.)
Added block in CC_Config for setting the domain of a cookie. By
default, cookies are only valid for the virtualhost (ie., but sometimes you may want your sessions to
be readable by other sites in the domain. You can use $cookieDomain
to set your session to be valid by which will
encompass all domains.
2003-09-13 14:15 jamie
* CC_Field.php: Added a getLabelText method to extract just the raw
text of the label.
2003-09-12 13:35 patrick
* CC_RelationshipManager.php: Constructed the foreign key properly.
2003-09-12 13:26 patrick
* CC_Application.php, CC_Index.php: Improved the check to see if
the session id is set in the cookie.
2003-09-12 13:18 patrick
* CC_Summary_Filters/CC_Percentage_Filter.php: Added a check to
make sure the percentage bar works when passed an array.
2003-09-12 13:02 patrick
* CC_Summary.php, CC_Summary_Filter.php: Summary filters now
receive the entire row as the third argument in processValue().
2003-09-11 15:21 patrick
* CC_Fields/CC_Foreign_Key_Field.php: Updated constructor.
2003-09-11 00:39 patrick
* CC_FieldManager.php: Prepopulate the field manager with ID,
2003-09-10 23:32 patrick
* CC_RelationshipManager.php: Forgot to update method prototype.
2003-09-10 23:32 patrick
* CC_Record.php, CC_RelationshipManager.php: Modified getField() of
CC_RelationshipManager so that it does not need a $window passed
2003-09-09 23:40 patrick
* CC_Record.php: Fixed construction of
2003-09-09 22:40 patrick
* CC_Database.php, CC_Record.php: Fixed a typo in some references
to _databaseType.
2003-09-09 21:37 patrick
* CC_RelationshipManager.php: Keep the reference to the dbManager
no matter what!
2003-09-09 13:21 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_Website_Field.php: Fixed problem with maximum length
of field.
2003-09-08 23:57 patrick
* CC_RelationshipManager.php: Fixed a syntax error.
2003-09-08 23:55 patrick
* CC_RelationshipManager.php: Added addRelationship() method so you
can manually define a relationship...
2003-09-08 23:24 patrick
* CC_User.php: Added ability to construct CC_User with a userId.
2003-09-08 15:31 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_Website_Field.php: Whooops, fixed the contructor
method name.
2003-09-08 15:30 mike
* CC_Fields/CC_Website_Field.php: Added a website field to N2O,
donated graciously by Patrick from the Retrix Signup form.
2003-09-07 14:57 patrick
* CC_Index.php: Look for a ?jmp in _REQUEST, not just _GET.
2003-09-05 20:41 patrick
* CC_Window.php: Pass in the window to the get() callback function.
2003-09-05 14:44 patrick
* CC_Index.php: We now call preprocess() for new and existing
2003-09-04 21:01 mike
* CC_Components/CC_Folder_Component.php: Added a check if no files
are in the directory, display a handy message.