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CC_Framework Rules
1) Required Tables
2) No fields in different tables can have the same name since entries in
the CC_FIELDS table are not table-specific (ie. type definitions for all
fields from all tables in the application will be found here).
3) Styles (ie. colors, fonts etc..) should be documented and their
configuration placed in a central location:
fieldError Used when a CC_Field has a validation error.
4) Application's config.php file must define the following variables:
a) all database-specific variables
b) an absolute path to the root of the application tree as follows
(ie. using the "APPLICATION_PATH" variable name) :
define("APPLICATION_PATH", "/path/to/application") which is then accessed as APPLICATION_PATH (no "$")
c) a relative path to the application folder for use with text-link redirects.
d) version information of the application
5) Queries for a CC_Summary object must have an ID column returned in them
(all tables must have an "ID" column which is their autoincrementing unique
6) All non-CC tables MUST have the following three fields:
a) ID of type int(11) autoincrement
b) DATE_ADDED of type datetime
c) LAST_MODIFIED of type timestamp
7) For CC_File_Upload_To_Path we require a '777' directory called 'uploads' in the root of the application's folder.
8) CC_File_Upload_To_DB fields must be named with a "FILE_DB" prefix in the database