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Add library support for different programming languages. #5

jonpasski opened this Issue Mar 8, 2013 · 4 comments

3 participants


From some emails and in-person feedback, I've heard about the following requested languages:

  • .NET / C#
  • python

This is a placeholder issue since these other languages probably should be in a different repository. Or, if they're all going to be here, then we'll need to re-organize this repository. I'm open to either since the end-user consumables probably won't be this source code. E.g., for Java it'll probably be Maven artifacts in Sonatype's Central.

Coverity member
neuroo commented Mar 8, 2013

A JavaScript version would be helpful too (at least for our internal use)


Is this something you guys at Coverity is planning on doing, or would you accept code from the community to polish and pull in?

Porting to C# is a small weekend project at worst. I'd happily take a stab at it, but no point if you guys are already working on it :)

Coverity member
neuroo commented Mar 16, 2013

Hey Charlie,
We're happy to accept any contribution to this project. For better separation between languages, I created a new repo (empty):
That you can fork and make pull requests to.

Since we still want to maintain the same quality between each version of CSL, we'll have the same testing requirements.



This is pretty much a straight port with a few changes. Mainly the lack of EL extensions, and I .NET-ified a few code patterns.

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