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EHR Example

Example e-prescribing/dashboard app.


  • jQuery
  • Backbone
  • Underscore
  • api-jquery-plugins


  • Ruby version 1.9.3-p484
  • Bundler

Run bundle to install all of the gem dependencies. Once complete run rspec to run through the tests.


Run bundle if you have not installed the gem dependencies. Once bundle completes run ruby server.rb to serve the ehr example application using Sinatra.

There is a configuration file with a sample API key in lib/config.js, but you'll want to use your own unique key. Contact us at for an API key as well as implementation support.


To concatenate and minify the source files, run npm install to install local Node dependencies (the lessc preprocessor). Then run ./ from the command line. The resulting source file will be in dist/src.


This is a simple demo system to show how to integrate CoverMyMeds into your system using the CoverMyMeds API.

You will need to create four interface elements:

  1. a button to start a prior authorization while the provider is working with an electronic prescription.
  2. a prior authorization task list which will be used to show the PAs being worked upon.
  3. a form to start a new prior authorization.
  4. a contact page so CoverMyMeds can help your users.

e-Prescribing - Patients

The example ehr application gives you the ability to manage patients. The following goes through the workflow of managing patients, prescriptions, and prior authorization requests.

Route: /#/patients

The patient list view shows patients witin the ehr system. Each patient has a count beside their name. This indicates the number of PA requests associated with this patient.

From this view you can add a patient by clicking on the green "Add Patient" button at the top. Removing a patient can be done by clicking on the red "Remove" button to the right of the patient name.

Route: /#/patients/:id

Clicking on a patient will direct you to the patients show view. There are two possible scenarios when arriving to this view. If the patient does not have any prescriptions associated to their record you will be prompted to add one. However, if the patient has associated prescriptions you will be directed to a list of prescriptions for that patient along with their statuses.

Route /#/patients/new

If there are no prescriptions present you will be asked to create a new prescription for that patient. On this page the drug and form search plugins are used. One thing to consider is that in order for the form search to make a successful query a drug must be selected from the drug search field.

To see an example of how the drug and form search plugins are used navigate to /src/views/requests/add-eprescribe.js and the /src/templates/requests/add-eprescribe.html

If there are prescriptions present then a list of the patients prescriptions are shown. From here you can change and add drugs, or you can select the prescriptions you with so start.

Clicking the checkbox to the right of each prescription marks the selected prescriptions to be sent to the CoverMyMeds API Create Request Endpoint. When the next button is clicked the example application gathers the prescriptions and sends them off to be created. All of this logic is done in the /src/views/patients/list.js file.

Upon completion of these requests you will then be directed to the pharmacy view to choose a pharmacy and complete the cycle.

Route: /#/requests/new

Allows you to add a single prior authorization request. The drug and form search plugins are used here as well as the create request plugin. When the form is filled out and the request is successful you will be redirected to the task list or dashboard page.

To see an example of how the js-api-consumer plugins are used on this page view the /src/views/request/add-priorauth.js and /src/templates/requests/add-priorauth.html files.

Dashboard/Task List

Route: /#/dashboard

This page will query an array of ids supplied to the plugin and come back with details for each prior authorization request.

To see an example of the dashbord plugin view the /src/views/requests/list.js and /src/templates/requests/list.html

Contact CoverMyMeds

Route: /#/help

The information provided on the help page is supplied via the help plugin.

To see an example view the /src/views/help.js and /src/templates/help.html files.


Example EHR that shows use of API and CMM jquery plugins



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