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Simple console based web log interpreter
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Console Web Log Analyzer

For those who want to analyze their Common Log Format web logs without having to use web based graphical tools such as awstats. This is a simple console based web log analyzer. Output is somewhat in markdown so you can also use this to generate pages, with cron or whatever.

Requires python 2.7 and numpy


-l: log file to analyze. Defaults to ./access_log
-x: perform reverse DNS lookup on IP addresses
-C: show all unique visitors in output
-c x: show 'x' top accessing visitors
-R: show all unique accessed resources -r y: show 'y' top accessed resources
-b z: Use maximum of 'z' x characters in the bar charts (adjust if default overruns a line)
-v: show version information and exit

Note: Using -x with -C will be slow if you have a big log file.


% ./ -l access_log
Simply parse a log file and output to the terminal

$ ./ -xl access_log >
$ discount-mkd2html
Running these two commands will create the HTML file out.html in the running directory.


  • The output, if translated to HTML from Markdown, would look better if Markdown supported tables.

  • Does it do IPv6 the right way?

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