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A volunteer-driven API for COVID-19 stats & patient tracing in India (Unofficial).


Data URL
National time series, statewise stats and test counts
State-district-wise V2
Travel history
Raw data
States Daily changes

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  • Development - We welcome feature pull requests and help with solving issues.
  • Data Operations - To ensure valid data, active and interested volunteeres from the community Telegram will be invited to a dedicated data team.
  • Crowdsource - Help us collect real-time reliable information coming from different states by reporting via community Telegram.


  • Where does this data come from? We collect the details from each State press release, official government links such as Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and reputable news channels. Data is then validated by a group of volunteers & published.

  • What is the objective behind collecting and publishing this data? Documented data helps in research of and understanding COVID-19.

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