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Extracted from here. It's like click, but when you don't click on your element.

How to use

Here we have a slide out navigation div that will appear when the user clicks a button. We want the div to go away when they click off of it (off-click). We also want to make sure the button that triggers the div to open, also does initial close it (off-click-filter).

<button id="nav-toggle" off-click-filter="#slide-out-nav">Show Navigation</button>
<div id="slide-out-nav" ng-show="showNav" off-click="showNav = false" off-click-if="showNav">

The off-click attribute is the expression or function that will execute each time the user doesn't click on your element (or filter)

The optional off-click-if attribute is an expression that will determine if the off-click should trigger or not.

The optional off-click-filter attribute is meant to be applied to elements that should not trigger the off-click they point to, and should be a comma separated list of selectors (ex. off-click-filter=".test-class,#test-id") that points at the elements that the off-click was added to.
(In this example the button doesn't trigger the off-click on the element with the id slide-out-nav.