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  • Apps are small applications that bring additional functionality to Coviu telehealth calls
  • Apps are installed from the App Marketplace, much like apps from the Apple Appstore
  • Apps can be created by third parties to for deployment on Coviu, and in this wiki you'll find out how

Important Links

1. Decide if an App is right for you

  1. Would you like your product and Coviu to work seamlessly in parallel?
  1. Would you like to embed Coviu in your product?
  1. Would you like to embed your product inside Coviu?
  • Would a screen share suffice? If so, Coviu can do that without modification.

  • If a screenshare isn't sufficient, you should consider an App and continue below. Usually an App is most appropriate if input or rich interaction is required from the patient.

2. Consider the entire project

Typical Project

Timeline is typically 4-6 weeks from inception to public launch, with these steps:

  1. Partner: Reviews the Coviu user flow and decides on the most appropriate position for their App
  2. Partner: Contact Coviu to request access to the Partner Service Desk
  3. Parter: Review sample code in this repo, and create a new App
  4. Coviu & Partner: Decide on timeline for shared marketing, PR and launch activities
  5. Partner: Submit App code at least 2 weeks before planned launch date

Pricing and Payment

  • Coviu charges practices (not patients) then remit fees to vendors each month
  • Practices are billed in their usual cycle
  • Apps are generally priced per month

3. Dig into the technical documentation

  1. Consider App project checklist
  2. Understand the user journey through Coviu call workflow
  3. See Types of Apps and decide which is right for you
  4. Visit How to develop an App with instructions for developers

4. Get in touch about the project

  1. Register your development environments (sandbox)
  2. Prepare the content and assets described in the App project checklist
  3. Configure webhooks to let your App access your API endpoints
  4. Submit your questions or content at the Partner Service Desk

5. Submit your code

  1. Submit your code at the Partner Service Desk