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The OAuthTestClient is a java based GUI application that acts as an OAuth
2.0 "Client".
* Provide a simple GUI based test client that will allow OAuth 2.0 users
to learn how an OAuth 2.0 conversation works.
* Provide a non-browser based implementation so that interaction with a
User Agent can be demonstrated.
* Support all grant types and tokens.
* Display as much of the OAuth conversatio to the user as possible.
* Allow the user to modify parameters to try out negative test cases (for
example: requesting a protected resource with an invalid access token.)
I wrote this application for a colleague at Layer 7 Technologies so that he
could demonstrate an OAuth flow to a potential customer. Although it is simple,
I thought it might be useful for others, so I'm sharing it via github.
* Java 1.6
* An existing OAuth 2.0 service to test against
I've included a runnable jar file in the bin directory, but I can't guarantee
that it will always be up to date with the source code.
This package uses the following code libraries:
* NanoHTTPD ( - Jarno Elonen's embedded
HTTP server for Java
* The Java based JSON parser provide by (