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Build-time enhancement tool for Java-based Web services projects

branch: v1.24


Enunciate is a build-time Web service enhancement tool that can be applied to Java-based projects for generating a lot of cool artifacts from the source code of your Web service endpoints.

For more information, see the project site at

Building Enunciate

Enunciate runs tests for the generated client-side code that it develops. So in order to run these tests, you're going to need to install some "unusual" libraries for things like C/C++ (libxml2), Objective-C (GNUStep), and C# (Mono).


Here are the packages you'll need to install to run the full build on Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install libxml2-dev mono-gmcs gnustep gnustep-devel ruby rubgems ruby-dev

And then install the ruby json gem:

sudo gem install json

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