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Spring Social Google Docs

This is a Spring Social OAuth2 wrapper to the Google DocsService.

How to use

GoogleDocsConnectionFactory connectionFactory = new GoogleDocsConnectionFactory(consumerKey, consumerSecret);

OAuth2Parameters parameters = new OAuth2Parameters();
    //If your application needs offline access

String = authUrl = connectionFactory.getOAuthOperations().buildAuthenticateUrl(GrantType.AUTHORIZATION_CODE, parameters);

//Do the dance here ...

AccessGrant accessGrant = connectionFactory.getOAuthOperations().exchangeForAccess(accessToken, redirectUri, null);

//Persist your tokens here ...

Connection<GoogleDocs> connection = connectionFactory.createConnection(accessGrant);
GoogleDocs google = connection.getApi();

DocsService docsService = new DocsService("your app name/1.0");
docsService = google.setAuthentication(docsService);

//Use docsService client here ...

Why should I use this one and not spring-social-google?

Spring Social Google maybe what you need.  We are building an integration between Alfresco ( and
Google Docs.  Alfresco already has a very large code base and includes some older versions of the libraries required by
Spring Social Google.  Downgrading those libraries broke Spring Social Google.  Upgrading those libraries is a this time
outside the scope of the project.  It would also cause backwards compatibility issues across the current enterprise release
of Alfresco: our targeted platform.
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