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swagger-core defines Java annotations and required logic to generate a Swagger server or client.
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Swagger Core library


This is a project to build the swagger-core library, which is required for the Wordnik implementation of the Swagger spec. You can find out more about both the spec and the framework at For more information about Wordnik's APIs, please visit

Version history

Swagger v1.0 was released on Aug-10 2011

Pre-release versions will be suffixed with SNAPSHOT and RC appropriately. If you want the release version, please grab it by tag (i.e. v1.0 for the release)


You need the following installed and available in your $PATH:

  • - Java 1.6 or greater (

  • - Apache ant 1.7 or greater (

  • - Scala 2.8.1 ( If you run with Scala > 2.8.1, please update the ivy.xml to point to the same version as in your environment.

    To build

    If you don't have the Apache Ivy dependency manager installed, run this build script:

    ant -f install-ivy.xml

    This will copy the ivy ant lib into your antlib directory. Now you can build the artifact:


    This will create the swagger-core library in your build folder. You can optionally deploy the artifact to your local ivy repo so it's available to the swagger sample app:

    ant deploy
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