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An example of how to use AWS lambda as an API resource
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Deploying an API with Terraform and APIGateway

What is this?

api_with_terraform demonstrates how to deploy lambda code as a service to API gateway.

By following the steps below you will cause example_handler in lambda_handlers/example/lambda to respond to a request at <aws_url>/example_path/example_stage/


setting up AWS:

  • AWS profile and account
  • Credentials added to ~/.aws/credentials
  • edit profile to point at name in ~/.aws/credentials

setting up Terraform:

For an easier install I like to move the Terraform executable to /usr/local/bin/ which is on my PATH. You will know it is installed correctly when you can run,

% terraform -v           127 ↵
Terraform v0.12.18


package your lambda

Package your new lambda into a file,

  • python example

Set up Terraform in your lambda directory,

  • cd lambda_handlers/example
  • Run terraform init

See changes Terraform wants to run:

  • terraform plan

Deploy your endpoint:

  • terraform apply

Destroy your deployed resources:

  • terraform destroy
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