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# Frequently Asked Questions
+## When will I be able to use in-development feature 'X'? <a name="when-will-i-be-able-to-use-in-development-feature-x" href="#when-will-i-be-able-to-use-in-development-feature-x" title="Link to this section">⚑</a>
+While critical bug fixes are applied to both the latest stable release as well as the in-development version of grunt, new features are usually only added to the in-development version.
+If you want to install the latest bleeding-edge, in-development version, you can npm install `grunt@devel`. _This is something you do not want to do in a project_, as the in-development version of grunt is constantly evolving and a feature you've come to depend on may have changed between installs of `grunt@devel`, thus breaking your build.
+If you want to install an in-development version of grunt, locked in at a specific commit (totally fine for projects), follow the instructions for specifying a [git URL as a dependency](, and be sure to specify an actual commit SHA (not a branch name) as the `commit-ish`.
+Finally, it is preferable to specify grunt as a [devDependency]( in your project's [package.json]( and instruct users to do `npm install` than to have them install grunt explicitly with `npm install grunt`. This makes the task of installing grunt (and any other dev dependencies) much easier and less error-prone.
## On Windows, why does my JS editor open when I try to run grunt? <a name="on-windows-why-does-my-js-editor-open-when-i-try-to-run-grunt" href="#on-windows-why-does-my-js-editor-open-when-i-try-to-run-grunt" title="Link to this section">⚑</a>
If you're in the same directory as the [grunt.js gruntfile](, Windows tries to execute _that file_ when you type grunt. So you need to type `grunt.cmd` instead.

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