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Actually fixed the stale window.location Safari bug from jQuery hashc…
…hange event in BBQ, which was the main reason for the previous release!


Integrated jQuery hashchange event v1.2, which fixes a Safari bug, th…
…e event can now be bound before DOM ready, and IE6/7 page should no longer scroll when the event is first bound. Also added the jQuery.param.fragment.noEscape method, and reworked the hashchange event (BBQ) internal "add" method to be compatible with changes made to the jQuery 1.4.2 special events API.


Integrated jQuery hashchange event v1.1, which fixes an obscure IE8 E…
…mulateIE7 meta tag compatibility mode bug. Also updated jQuery 1.4a to 1.4.


Split hashchange event into separate plugin and added removeState method


Misc IE6 tweaks and API refinements
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