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A quick and dirty file globbing utility based on minimatch.
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Node Glob, Whatever

A quick and dirty synchronous file globbing utility based on minimatch.

Why another file globbing library?

I wanted to make grunt work on Windows. Unfortunately, node-glob doesn't work on Windows, and miniglob isn't synchronous.

Any issues?

I'd imagine that this works with any path that minimatch supports. While this includes some basic unit tests, I'm hoping that minimatch has good coverage.

This module isn't terribly efficient. But that's ok, because I'm using it for relatively small folder structures. Maybe someone will make this one better (patches welcome!). Or maybe even write a better one, and then I'll use that instead. But yeah, don't use this on a really large directory structure.

Getting Started

This code should work just fine in Node.js:

First, install the module with: npm install glob-whatev

var globsync = require('glob-whatev');
globsync.glob('foo/**/*.js') // some boolean

// Basically,
globsync.glob(globPattern [, minimatchOptions]) // some boolean


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. Lint and test your code using grunt.

Release History

  • 2012/02/14 - v0.1.2 - Fixed an issue with nonexistent directories.
  • 2012/01/23 - v0.1.1 - Fixed an issue with stat and locked files.
  • 2012/01/11 - v0.1.0 - First official release.


Copyright (c) 2012 "Cowboy" Ben Alman
Licensed under the MIT license.

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