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[Subject] is dead!/miketaylr/status/139032445872910336 "Much like IPv4, "[Subject] is dead, long live [Subject]!" blog titles are nearly exhausted. Claim yours today!"!/kitcambridge/status/139033650485407744 "@miketaylr "[Subject] is dead, long live [Subject]" blog titles are dead, long live "[Subject] is dead, long live [Subject]" blog titles!"

So, yeah... add yours.

Here's what you do:

  1. If a dir for the language you want to use doesn't exist, create it. If not, then skip to #2
  2. Create a file in the dir of the language you intend to use
  3. In that file, write a program:
    • For the given string "[Subject] is dead, long live [Subject]"
    • Create an infinite loop, each time replacing "[Subject]" with "[Subject] is dead, long live [Subject]"
    • Print the new string
  4. Record the results of the crash with a screen shot

Multiple approaches for the same language are welcome! Just give yours a different name and add the instructions to the readme in that directory. \BOOM/

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