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So I was hanging out with my friend Wes Bos at JSConf recently. And for some reason, every time I said his name, I added an extra random syllable to both his first and last names. Because it was really the funnest thing. Ever.

For example, "Weston Bosley." Or "Westwood Boswitch." Or "Wesbee Bosshog."

Well, naturally, I had to create a website to celebrate this.



You'll need to have Grunt and Bower installed.

  1. Clone this project's repo.
  2. Ensure the master branch is checked out.
  3. Run npm install to install Grunt, Grunt plugins, Bower components, etc.
  4. Run grunt to start a live-reloading dev webserver on localhost:8000.

When done:

  1. Run grunt prod to publish everything to dist and start a webserver on localhost:8000.

When REALLY done:

  1. Run grunt deploy to publish everything in dist and then to the gh-pages branch, which will shortly thereafter be viewable at http://cowboy.github.io/wesbos/.

If you have suggestions for more first and last name suffixes, file a PR and I'll add them in. Just make sure they actually sound cool. Thanks!