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A prototype for a pure ruby plugin
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A prototype Ruby plugin

This is a sample ground for what a pure ruby Jenkins plugin would look like on its own. It is different than the jenkins-ruby-plugins-playground in that it is not "embedded" inside a vanilla Java plugin.

Instead, the only part that is visible are the ruby parts, and the full Java plugin can be generated by tools.

What tools? Well, the tools we can put in here to do the job. Doing it all by hand the first time, we can flesh out what all moving parts there are and then extract all the tools that can be re-used across the different plugins.

I think we were putting the cart before the horse a bit, by making the tools first.


Right now, there is a single extension point named LoggingWrapper. This is just a trivial BuildWrapper that outputs a message to the console. However, if we can actually hoist this guy into the Jenkins runtime, then we're getting somewhere.


  1. you need Jruby
  2. you need to install a special patched version of Bundler. NOTE - make sure you install off of the master branch of this repo. The remote HEAD is 1_0_stable, so you must explicitly checkout master
  3. bundle
  4. rake server
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