Release for OS X 10.9 Mavericks 3.11 Branch #107

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Although the fixes for Mavericks have been merged into the 3.11 branch, there hasn't been a release with these fixes yet.

Would it be possible to release the latest code on the 3.11 branch to RubyGems so it's compatible with 10.9?


@nickpellant does the 3.16 version not work for you?



@ignisf It is required for projects that not only have to work on OS X but also on older Debians and where building against the system libv8 is required. The 3.16 version no longer compiles against the version of libv8 shipped with Debian Squeeze.

Btw. I could help with providing a binary gem built for darwin-13 (Mavericks) platform, if you don't have access to 10.9 yet or provide temporary shell access. An alternative is to wait till October 22nd after which Mavericks should be officially available on the Mac App Store.


@felixbuenemann Do you have a working binary gem that you would share with me? I'm facing the prominent compile issue with mavericks. Thanks in advance!


@pnull Try this one: (sha1:5ce07aaf4085fff5a5e10fe018fd6b22021bef3b)

If you prefer to build your own:

git clone
cd libv8
git checkout 3.11
bundle install
bundle exec rake clean build binary
gem install pkg/libv8-

@felixbuenemann Thanks alot! Worked like a charm :-)


@ignisf Would you consider a release?


Hi @felixbuenemann,
Unfortunately I don't have the necessary rights to release the gem in rubygems. I only have commit rights for this repo.


@cowboyd Please look at the discussion about a new 3.11 release for Mac OS X 10.9.


@ignisf seems you have rights now. Could you release?


bundle update && bundle install
fixed this problem


@r00takaspin That won't fix the issue discussed here, because it will update you to 3.16.x.


Thank you. @felixbuenemann. It worked fine at (sha1:5ce07aaf4085fff5a5e10fe018fd6b22021bef3b)


@cowboyd @ignisf Could you please consider releasing a new gem from the 3.11 branch?


@ignisf If it looks good to you, go for it.


I totally agree with @felixbuenemann. A updated 3.11 gem would be really nice!



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