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Using the command bundle package results in problems when deploying between different platforms (eg Mac and Linux), because Bundler packages platform specific gem:

Updating files in vendor/cache
* libv8-

When deploying this to Linux results in error:

bundle install --deployment
Could not find libv8- in any of the sources

This is because Bundler restricts all gems to those found in package cache (which is the whole point of the cache, to speed up deploy).

The only two workarounds are:

  • not to use packaging, which makes deployment really slow, or
  • skip libv8 alltogether and install Node.js on all locations, which currently involves compiling from source on Debian Squeeze, but I would like to stick to package systems as much as possible.

Is there a specific reason, why libv8 can't create multiplatform binary gem as wkhtmltopdf-binary has done - this contains precompiled binaries for three platforms in one gem.




What we do is build on a CI server that shares an architecture with the deployment target. Deploys are fast and you've validated your application on an environment in which it will run.

Another workaround would be to copy the gem for your deployment target into the bundle package.

Unless somebody wants to take a stab at automating this, it is not likely to happen soon. I would be very curious to see a PR that did this though. cheers!

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I would suggest using Capistrano for deployment. After the initial bundle install --deployment performed by it, things tend to go much faster. And even this should be quicker since @cowboyd published a bunch of platform-specific binary versions of libv8. Thanks for the FreeBSD one btw.


As noted in #77, the ability to do this is better of in bundler

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Enabled local Ruby gems installation #64

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