Meh, still requires -fPIC patch on x64 architectures when building static library #88

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I misread the standalone.gypi in the latest version of V8 and thought that the issue had been addressed. It still only adds the -fPIC flag for the shared library build.

Unfortunately, our old patch was not compatible with the new version of the v8 build.

diff --git a/build/standalone.gypi b/build/standalone.gypi
index 125c5bf..71641a3 100644
--- a/build/standalone.gypi
+++ b/build/standalone.gypi
@@ -107,7 +107,7 @@
           [ 'visibility=="hidden" and v8_enable_backtrace==0', {
             'cflags': [ '-fvisibility=hidden' ],
-          [ 'component=="shared_library"', {
+          [ 'component=="shared_library" or component=="static_library" and v8_target_arch=="x64"', {
             'cflags': [ '-fPIC', ],

Boy... No offense to anybody, but do I hate gyp...


@ignisf It stands for "generate your pain"

This was referenced May 8, 2013
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