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MineSpotter v0.0.1
MineSpotter is an experimental node.js minesweeper clone.
It is based on node.js, connect,, backbone.js, and jquery.
It is in extreme early stages of development, but progress is happening rapidly.
This is my virgin step into the world of node, so is very much an educational project :)
Big props to the wordsquared guys as their product inspired this!
To setup development environment you will want to npm install the following packages:
-connect (tested v1.0.6)
-dnode (tested v0.5.7)
-hashish (tested v0.0.2)
-mongoose (tested v1.1.4) (tested v0.6.16)
-underscore (tested v1.1.4)
-node.js itself tested with v0.4.2
You will also need mongodb running where your running node.
Create this index manually in mongodb:
db.mines.ensureIndex({loc: "2d"}, { min: -5000000, max: 5000000, unique: true});
Mongodb native and mongoose both don't support passing options besides unique afaik.
Only tested so far in safari and a little in chrome. Would love to hear reports about other browsers.
-mine features -
-when i click on a 0 mine
it should expand all the non-mines
out to the nearest mine
-when at edge of map, auto move and
animate in some fashion to make the
game more automatic.
-some sort of notification that a player
is in the same field as you.
-stress testing on real hardware
-facebook login
-more asthetics?