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Astrology module for MM2 [NO longer supported... MMM-Astro is the replacement]
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Horoscopes for daily, weekly, monthly or yearly! For the MagicMirror2


Terminal Window instructions:

Go to:
git clone ""






Configuration options

The following properties can be configured:

Option Description
starSign The star sign to display. Must be lower case.

Example values: leo, aries, pisces
Default value: none
hScope The type of horoscope to display.

Possible values: daily, week, month, year
Default value: none
CAUTION: Yearly horoscopes are VERY large in most cases will take up entire screen!
tcolor color of your horoscope

Example configuration

[MUST follow the instructions. I have NO checks in there yet to convert text so it's up to you to enter it correctly!]

	module: 'MMM-Astrology',
	position: 'top_center',
	config: {
		starSign: "pisces",
		hScope: "daily",
		tcolor: "white"

Start mirror...enjoy! 
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