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News module for MM2
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This repository is maintained by Cowboysdude [This is the second version of this module for MagicMirror2]

MMM-Jnews V2.0

News for your Mirror


*Automatically adjusts languge and all other settings based on your config.js! [Will ONLY work for these language - ar,de,en,es,fr,zh,it,nl,ru,he,no,pt,se,ud]

It can automatically adjust to users language OR you can do a language override in the config file [see example config below].

Your terminal installation instructions

  • git clone into the ~/MagicMirror/modules directory.`

Get your free API key here


Config.js entry and options

    module: 'MMM-Jnews',
    config: {
apiKey: "YOUR API KEY", 
image : true,
    rotateInterval: 25 * 1000,
clang: 'fr' //language override  

Default on image is set to false because Raspberry Pi's take a lot of time and create too much heat loading them :) This is default set to 25 seconds on the rotateInterval, you can change this if you'd like

Start your mirror . . . enjoy!

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