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Daily recipe for MagicMirror2
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STILL BEING TESTED AND MMM-voice has conflicts with it at the moment..........working on it.

Daily recipe for MagicMirror2 ALL NEW FOR 2019 This is a positional module.....bottom_bar If you try to put it in other positions you will have to fix the css ..... I built this to work in one position and the reason for that is the list of ingredients vary from recipe to recipe and at times the entire bottom_bar space will be needed!


Simple recipe

Example showing video

This module shows a menu daily on the MagicMirror2

You can decide whether or not you want to have access to the video by using the config (see example config below)

Example: { module: 'MMM-Recipe', position: 'bottom_bar', config: { video: true //default is true if you want to be able to play video of recipe updateInterval: 180 * 60 * 1000, // every 3 hours Suggest you don't do it more often then this. } },

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