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A single module to fix as much of Perl 5 as possible in one go

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Perl5i is my imaginary version of Perl 5.

The goal will be to load just one module and fix as much of Perl 5 as
possible.  It will not cause excessive load time.  It will be
readonably backwards compatible.

Since a lot of fixing Perl 5 is "go use this module from CPAN... and this
one... and this other one... and these two... and this and this..."
this mostly involves loading a bunch of modules.

What's Perl 5 look like in your imagination?

The current goal of perl5i is to collect your pain.  What is painful
for you about Perl?  What takes two lines when it should take one?
What subroutines do you find yourself using over and over again?
Please, share your pain.  Put it into the issue tracker.
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