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Provide a next bookmark for The Old Reader

How to use tornexto

The Old Reader is an RSS reader similar to Google Reader; however, it is missing a vital feature that Google Reader had: a URL you could hit to get the next item from a folder. This Go based Google App Engine application uses the API for The Old Reader to provide that feature.

It is currently in a very rough, but working, state. To use it, you must first provide your The Old Reader API token to it. This token can be retrieved from the link above if you are already logged in to The Old Reader (you may have to set a password if you are using Google to sign in). Once you have your token, you must visit the tornexto auth page and enter it into the form there. Doing this will store a cookie in your web browser containing the token.

Once you have registered your token, you can create a new bookmark with the URL by dragging one of the links on the tornexto home page to your bookmark toolbar or by adding a bookmark to

where XXXXXX is the name of one of your folders.


Providing this token will allow tornexto to anything it wants with you The Old Reader account (read items, mark items as read, etc). Currently it only uses this permission to ensure you have a valid token, fetch a list of your folders, fetch a list of unread items in a folder you specify, and mark items as read when they have been served to you. If this is unacceptable to you, it is possible to set up your own version of tornexto running in Google App Engine. At a later date, detailed instructions will be provided in this document on how to do that.


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