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+arpeggio is a Vim plugin to define another type of key-mapping called
+arpeggio-key-mapping -- it consists of 2 or more keys ({lhs}) and it will be
+expanded to another key sequence ({rhs}) whenever all keys in {lhs} are
+simultaneously pressed. For example:
+ Arpeggio inoremap jk <Esc>
+ " OR
+ call arpeggio#map('i', '', 0, 'jk', '<Esc>')
+With the above definition, you can input <Esc> in Insert mode by pressing "j"
+and "k" simultaneously, while you can move the cursor by pressing "j" or "k"
+The concept of this plugin is derived from Emacs' [key-chord.el][1], but there are the following differences:
+- Number of keys to be simultaneously pressed is unlimited.
+- Custom delay for each key is supported.
+ This is a generalization of [space-chord.el][2].
+[1] :
+[2] :

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