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MooDocs - Coda Plug-in

This plug-in for Coda creates a MooTools Docs like documentation template for MooTools classes.

After getting mixed results with Auto-doc generators, I finally settled on creating documentation separate from the source code using Markdown syntax for readability and ease of use. Check out MooTools’ documentation at their GitHub repository for the general style.

Documenting “by hand” can be quite tedious so I wrote this plug-in that parses MooTools Classes and generates a ready-to-fill Markdown formatted template. Pair it up with the Markdown plug-in and you can crank out ready-to-style HTML documentation for MooTools Classes in no time.


  • Written for PHP 5.
  • Parses source code for MooTools classes and generates a ready-to-fill Markdown formatted template.
  • Library can be re-purposed for other systems.


  • Coda 1.6.1 or later
  • PHP 5.2+


Get the plugin by either:

* Downloading zip-file and unpacking.
* Copy/Export the SVN tag.

Double-click the .codaplugin package (Looks like a Lego sprouting leaves).

Restart Coda if updating from previous version.