FileBasedTimestampSynchronizer makes uuid generation a lot slower #9

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facboy commented Aug 31, 2011

It seems that adding the FileBasedTimestampSynchronizer makes generating UUIDs a lot slower...I know intuitively this is kinda expected, but it's over an order of magnitude slower.

I copied the source and slapped some debugging around, it seems that it's not actually running the file sync very much at all, instead it seems to run slowDown() a lot because actDiff is always > 20000 everytime it hits that if block.

I don't really understand the system well enough to understand why adding the time sync would cause this.


cowtowncoder commented Sep 1, 2011

Ok, sounds like a bug. Maybe part of refactoring has broken piece of logic...


cowtowncoder commented Nov 4, 2011

Hmmh. I can not reproduce this locally.

I did add one more test case in "perf.MeasurePerformance" however; can you try building jug locally, and running it like:

./ perf.MeasurePerformance

(or run from IDE, whatever works)

to see if measurements for non-synced and synced give very different results. For me numbers are quite similar, overhead being in 5-10% range.


cowtowncoder commented May 29, 2015

Could not reproduce -- may be re-opened with a simple test.

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