Personal collection of tech art tools for Maya.
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Personal collection of tech art tools for Maya.

I like to create a large variety of tech art tools. This is just my general repository for tools as I make them, feel like adding them.

Current collection features:

EcFaceRig : Automatic facial rigging set up script.

SplashBoard : Easily manage images in Maya.

PyGhost : Work with less distracting, custom animation ghosts quickly!

duplicate_on_curve : Creates duplicates of objects along the path of a curve. Great for creating joint chains.

ecSDKMirror : Set Driven Key utility makes mirroring and copying of SDK's easy and fast.

ecRefCreator : Creates reference images from images you select! (PIL required)

ecZeroChannel : Quick and dirty UI for Reseting channel values of objects

faceMirror : Mirrors and merges faces in maya. (Select an arm, extracts faces, duplicates across the specified plane and merges verts)

Feel free to contact me at coxevan90@gmail for more information or assistance! Feel free to debug/change anything as you wish.