coding challenge: Create an app that can interactively play the game and never lose.
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As a CMG manager, I want to see how you code a game of Tic Tac Toe, so that I can get a feel for a candidate's skills and strengths.

Acceptance criteria

  • Application is a stand alone, static web page game of tic tac toe.
  • Computer (AI) will never lose a game.
  • Application should be able to run based on HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Game will let player choose to be either X or O, computer will take other choice.
  • Game will let player go first.

Submission Tips

  • Quality counts! A good submission that takes a while is better than a poor submission quickly.
  • Make sure your submission accurately reflects your development style.
  • Commit early and often, with good messages.
  • Comments and Unit tests are appreciated but not required, if you know good practice, then show us.
  • Research the AI, there are multiple well known algorithms available, show us your implementation.
  • Plagarism will not be tolerated.


  • Fork this repo and send us a pull request.
  • if you prefer you can send us a ZIP of your submission, due to email filters, rename the file to *.txt and mention it is a ZIP in your email.