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Using Monit to stop/start/restart OpenSimulator

Here are some basics to get you started using Monit
[ ]  to start/stop/restart your OpenSim
process(es).  This example will check your sim every 30 seconds, and
restart it if it's dead, or if SimFPS drops to 0 for 2 minutes, or CPU
usage exceeds 300% (e.g. 3 cores on a quad-core machine... an
occasional problem when running OpenSim via mono).

I use these with OpenSim's REST console.  To enable that, in the
[Network] section of your OpenSim.ini , add:

    console_port = 9100
    ConsoleUser = "console_username"
    ConsolePass = "console_password"

setting them to whatever you desire.  The nice thing about this is by
having the console bind to its own TCP port you can easily firewall it
off (though I wish you could just bind it to localhost).  One quirk:
right now OpenSim's REST console client expects
bin/OpenSim.ConsoleClient.ini to exist, even if you use command line
options exclusively.  So just create an empty file with that name.

Next, in the [Startup] section of your OpenSim.ini , add the following
to enable the JSON sim stats:

    Stats_URI = "jsonSimStats"

setting it to whatever you desire.  The above would make some basic
simulator stats available via
where "port" is whatever you've set http_listener_port to in
OpenSim.ini .

Also in the [Startup] section, enable the writing of a PID file:

    PIDFile = "/var/run/opensim/"

setting it to whatever you desire.

Next, install Monit if you haven't already.  With Ubuntu/Debian this
is as simple as:

    # apt-get install monit

Next, copy the monit/opensim.conf included here into wherever your
Monit config files live.  That might be /etc/monit/conf.d , maybe
/etc/monit.d , or something similar.  In that file make any necessary
changes, e.g. to the PID file location, the uid OpenSim runs as, the
gid OpenSim runs as, the start/stop mechanism you use to start/stop
OpenSim, and the URL to view JSON sim stats for your sim.

If you want, there's also an included script for
starting/stopping/restarting OpenSim and connecting the REST console
client.  It's bin/opensim .  Copy it to /usr/local/bin or wherever you
keep such things.

If you use the enclosed bin/opensim , change the following vars to
whatever's appropriate for your system:


See /etc/monit/monitrc on your system and change so suit your needs.
It'll probably work out of the box without modification, but at a
minimum you might want to change:

    set alert
    set mail-format { from: }

so email alerts will be sent with the correct from:/to: headers.
Assuming you want to get the email notifications when Monit restarts

Finally, fire up monit.

    # /etc/init.d/monit start

Clear as mud?  Let me know if you think any part needs clarification.

-coyled <>