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simple Puppet module for setting up ZooKeeper ensembles
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Puppet module for ZooKeeper

I use this module to set up and manage basic ZooKeeper ensembles for my personal projects. You probably don't want to 'git submodule' this directly into your Puppet repo because I can't guarantee backwards compatibility, but feel free to copy if you find any of it useful.

Tested with Puppet 4.2.0


This module assumes:

  • your machines are able to install new Debian/Ubuntu packages
    • e.g. they have Internet access or have an apt proxy configured
  • you're using Hiera
  • you're using Hiera to assign classes to machines
    • i.e. have hiera_include('classes') set in site.pp

It wouldn't be much work to adapt this module if your environment doesn't match those assumptions, but I don't have such a use case.

The way I use it

Assuming I wanted to create an ensemble named yolo made up of three machines (zk0, zk1, and zk2), I'd add the following to hiera/global.yaml:

        - host: zk0
          server_id: 1
        - host: zk1
          server_id: 2
        - host: zk2
          server_id: 3

You can add more than one ensemble.

For each zk server I'd add the following to hiera/hosts/<hostname>.yaml:

    - zk::server

Then run Puppet and /sbin/restart zookeeper (restarts aren't initiated by Puppet here so they can be orchestrated elsewhere).

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