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Project demoing features in the d3.js library
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D3 Scatterplot Graph


This project uses d3.js to display a scatterplot of the 35 fastest times up Alpe d'Huez normalized to 13.8km distance. It displays each cyclist with a red or green plot point. A red plot point indicates the cyclist was caught doping at some point in the career while green means they have not.

When a user places the cursor over one of the plot points a tooltip will be displayed indicating the year and recorded time of the cyclist. If the plot point is red it will also provide a brief description on the cyclist's doping infraction.

Live Demo

Preview image of a d3 scatterplot


This project was written by Coy Sanders as a requirement in the Data Visualization Projects for FreeCodeCamp to earn the Data-Visualization Development Certification.

software is licensed under the License: MIT

Copyright (c) 2017

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