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X11 touchpad.conf: no coasting
aptitude aptitude: use as ~/.aptitude
awesome Remove things I wasn't using
default default/keyboard: add Caps=Compose config
fish fish: mkcd, zathura for PDFs
git git: add `this` alias
gpxrewrite dig up gpx_tools configs
modprobe.d modprobe, udev: Garmin GPS and ThinkPad LEDs
openbox conky in top left, polkit agent
pytyle3 more openbox+pytyle3 config factor out Inconsolata preference
systemd systemd: xscreensaver on sleep
terminator terminator: avoid conflicts with fish keybindings
udev/rules.d modprobe, udev: Garmin GPS and ThinkPad LEDs
wtftw wtftw: update
zathura factor out Inconsolata preference
.gitmodules Remove things I wasn't using README a la frewsxcv
Xresources urxvt improvements
conkyrc conky in top left, polkit agent
hgrc hgrc: remove non-standard extensions globally
muttrc muttrc: add non-sensitive configuration bits
tint2rc tint2 on left, 4 desktops
tmux.conf tmux.conf: more scrollback, hjkl
user-dirs.dirs quassel, terminator, zathura, user-dirs: track more stuff
vimperatorrc back to Linux keys for vimperator
vimrc vimrc: set sb spr, for consistency with tmux
xmobarrc xmobarrc: indicate battery charging
xmonad.hs xmonad.hs: don't float gimp, single window mode is better
xsession small fonts


This repository contains configuration files used (though not all simultaneously on any one system or at any point in time) by coyotebush.


Unless specified otherwise, all content in this repository is licensed under CC0.

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