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Cozie Apple

Cozie an iOS app for human comfort data collection

Cozie allows building occupants to provide feedback in real time


  • Free and Easy to Use - Building occupants can complete a right-here-right now survey directly from their Apple watch. Without the need of having to open an app on their Phone or a survey link.
  • Open source - Cozie is an Open Source project and together with Cozie for Fitbit, allows researchers to focus on the data collection. We have taken care of all the programming for you!

Documentation and tutorials


  1. Clone the cozie-app repository on your computer, then cd into the repo.
    git clone

  2. Install the CocoaPods with the following command pod install. You need to have CocoaPods installed on your Mac. You can install CocoaPods using the following command sudo gem install cocoapods. If you are using a new Mac with M1 chip you will need to use the following command to install CocoaPods sudo arch -x86_64 gem install ffi followed by arch -x86_64 pod install.

  3. Open the Cozie.xcworkspace file with XCode.

  4. Add Watch to iPhone simulator Window>Devices and Simulators>Create a new simulator

  5. Select Cozie as Target and press play button in XCode.

  6. Select Cozie Watch App and press play button.

  7. Prior completing a survey sync the watch and the phone.

  8. If something is not working uninstall the app from both simulators and install it again.

For more information please visit the official documentation website


We would love you for the contribution to our project, check the LICENSE file for more info.