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Cozy - Simple, Versatile, Yours

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Cozy is an app-based personal cloud you host at home. It turns a low-cost piece of hardware like a Raspberry Pi 2 or an online VPS into a powerful app platform. It comes with common applications: a contacts manager, a calendar, a webmail and a filebox. An Android app allows you to sync your contacts, calendars and files with your mobile. Last but not least, the Cozy Community has built many personal tools like a feed reader, a bank operation manager or an IRC client (100 000 apps were downloaded in 2015).

Cozy is based on Node.js and allows realtime interaction between apps. Any app can request access to other application data. That way apps can communicate and share information.


Cozy Home screenshot Cozy Contacts screenshot Cozy Emails screenshot Cozy Calendar screenshot Cozy Files screenshot

Main Benefits

  • A smoother experience of your digital life
  • Ownership of your data and respected privacy
  • Vendor-agnostic synchronization
  • Quick start with Google data importer (contacts and calendars)
  • Playground for developers to build new apps around personal data


There are many ways to install Cozy:


We have a vibrant community that will be glad to welcome you. You can share with us your thoughts, your feedback, bug reports or app ideas.

NB: The community is composed mainly of French users, but don't be afraid they can speak English too!


Like many free and open source projects, you can contribute by translating the user interface texts. To manage this, we use the Transifex platform. Cozy is already translated into English, French, German and Spanish. If you want to add your own language, connect with us via our Transifex Dashboard!


Building an app for Cozy is the fastest way to learn full stack development with Node.js. We propose a complete Tutorial that will teach you how to use Express.js and AngularJS to build your first Single Page Application.

For experimented web developers you can use the frameworks you want. The only requirement is to use the Cozy database driver.

Whatever your skill level, we propose a Mentorship Program. A member of the Cozy Team will be there to as you build your Cozy app. Feel free to sign up via the forum.

Benefits for developers

  • Learn full-stack development with Node.js
  • Experiment and quickly build prototypes for your next app
  • Avoid the pain of deployment and user administration
  • Give yourself tools that let you control your own data
  • Share your app and get feedback from the Cozy Community


Alternatively, there is Konnectors, an app that will enable you to fetch data from numerous vendors. It's easier to build a connector than write an app. Look at the Konnectors repository for more information.

Platform maintenance

You will find here every open tickets and pull request for the Cozy platform:


Below is a quick overview of the architecture. You can find more details here.

Architecture diagram


Cozy is developed by Cozy Cloud under the AGPL v3 license (see each module for exceptions).