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"General": {
"delete": "Delete",
"deleting": "Deleting...",
"cancel": "Cancel",
"confirm": "Confirm"
"Loading": {
"loading": "Loading...",
"error": "An error occured while loading the data. Please try again later."
"Nav": {
"categorisation": "Categorization",
"settings": "Settings",
"savings": "Savings",
"projections": "Forecasts",
"balance": "Current balance",
"movements": "Transactions"
"Error": {
"more-information": "More information",
"less-information": "Less information"
"AccountSwitch": {
"account_counter": "%{smart_count} account |||| %{smart_count} accounts",
"all_accounts": "All accounts",
"groups": "Groups",
"accounts": "Accounts"
"AccountDetails": {
"label": "Label",
"institutionLabel": "Bank",
"number": "Number",
"type": "Type"
"AccountSettings": {
"details": "Details",
"sharing": "Sharing",
"back-to-accounts": "Back to accounts",
"update": "Update",
"save": "Save",
"delete": "Reset",
"deleting": "Resetting...",
"confirm-deletion": {
"description": "This action will delete your transactions in the Cozy Banks app along with the links set up with your bills. You can delete your bank account in #{LINK}the #{APP_NAME} app#{/LINK} if you do not wish to reimport your banking data at the next scheduled synchronization.",
"confirm": "Confirm account deletion",
"title": "Are you definitive ?"
"deletion_error": "An error occurred while group deletion."
"Balance": {
"bank_name": "Bank",
"subtitle": {
"all": "Total of all your accounts",
"group": "Total group %{label}",
"account": "Total account %{label}"
"title": "Current balance",
"solde": "Balance",
"account_number": "Account number",
"account_name": "Account name",
"add_bank": "Add a bank",
"manage_accounts": "Manage my accounts",
"updated_at": {
"yesterday": "Yesterday",
"today": "Today",
"n_days_ago": "%{nbDays} days ago",
"unknown": "NC"
"SelectDates": {
"all_year": "All year",
"year": "Year",
"month": "Month"
"Accounts": {
"account": "Account",
"no-accounts": "You do not have any account yet.",
"shared-accounts": "Accounts shared to me",
"no-shared-accounts": "You do not have any shared account yet.",
"my-accounts": "My accounts",
"shared": "Shared",
"add-account": "Add an account",
"type": "Type",
"bank": "Bank",
"label": "Label",
"manage-accounts": "Manage my accounts"
"Groups": {
"edit_group": "Edit Group",
"edit": "edit",
"manage-groups": "Manage my groups",
"create": "Create a group",
"new-group": "New Group",
"label": "Label",
"banks": "Banks",
"bank": "Bank",
"accounts": "Accounts",
"groups": "Groups",
"delete": "remove",
"no-groups": "Using groups, you can easily gather several accounts, feel free to create one.",
"back-to-groups": "Back to groups",
"rename": "Rename",
"save": "Save",
"included": "Included",
"account-number": "Account number",
"total-balance": "Total",
"deletion_error": "An error occurred while group deletion."
"Data": {
"accountTypes": {
"Asset": "Assets accounts",
"Bank": "Bank accounts",
"Capitalisation": "Capitalisation accounts",
"Cash": "Cash accounts",
"Checkings": "Checking accounts",
"ConsumerCredit": "Consumer credits",
"CreditCard": "Credit card accounts",
"Credit Card": "Credit card accounts",
"Deposit": "Deposit accounts",
"Joint": "Joint accounts",
"Liability": "Liability accounts",
"LifeInsurance": "Life insurances",
"Loan": "Loan accounts",
"Madelin": "Madelin contracts",
"Market": "Markets",
"Mortgage": "Mortgages",
"PEA": "PEA",
"PEE": "PEE",
"RevolvingCredit": "Revolving credits",
"RSP": "RSP",
"Savings": "Savings accounts",
"Other": "Other accounts",
"RetirementPlan": "PERP & PERCO"
"categories": {
"uncategorized": "To be categorized",
"incomeCat": "Earnings",
"dailyLife": "Everyday life",
"transportation": "Transportation, vehicles",
"services": "Services",
"kids": "Children",
"tax": "Taxes",
"health": "Health",
"activities": "Leisure, sports",
"goingOutAndTravel": "Outings, trips",
"educationAndTraining": "Education, training",
"homeAndRealEstate": "Housing, real estate",
"excludeFromBudgetCat": "Out of budget"
"subcategories": {
"potentialTransfer": "Potential transfers",
"check": "Checks",
"atm": "Cash withdrawal",
"activityIncome": "Activity income",
"replacementIncome": "Replacement income",
"interests": "Interests",
"dividends": "Dividends",
"donationsReceived": "Donations received",
"allocations": "Allocations",
"rentalIncome": "Rental income",
"additionalIncome": "Additional income",
"retirement": "Retirement",
"supermarket": "Supermarket",
"consumerLoan": "Consumer loan",
"dressing": "Dressing",
"pets": "Pets",
"telecom": "Telecom",
"snaksAndworkMeals": "Snacks and work meals",
"charity": "Charity",
"giftsOffered": "Gifts offered",
"personalCare": "Personal care",
"tobaccoPress": "Tobacco press",
"shoppingECommerce": "Shopping and E-commerce",
"vehiculePurchase": "Vehicule purchase",
"vehiculeLoan": "Vehicule loan",
"vehiculeRental": "Vehicule rental",
"vehiculeInsurance": "Vehicule insurance",
"vehiculeMaintenance": "Vehicule maintenance",
"vehiculeGas": "Vehicule gas",
"privateParking": "Private parking",
"parkingAndToll": "Parking and toll",
"publicTransportation": "Public transportation",
"taxi": "Taxi",
"post": "Post service",
"legalCounsel": "Legal counseling",
"homeAssistance": "Home assistance",
"bankFees": "Bank fees",
"financialAdvisor": "Financial advisor",
"kidsAllowance": "Kids allowance",
"schoolRestaurant": "School restaurant",
"childCare": "Child care",
"schoolInsurance": "School insurance",
"toysAndGifts": "Toys and gifts",
"pensionPaid": "Pension paid",
"kidsActivities": "Kids activities",
"incomeTax": "Income tax",
"socialTax": "Social tax",
"wealthTax": "Wealth tax",
"realEstateTax": "Real estate tax",
"healthExpenses": "Health expenses",
"healthInsurance": "Health insurance",
"activityFees": "Activity fees",
"activityEquipments": "Activity equipments",
"activityLessons": "Activity lessons",
"electronicsAndMultimedia": "Electronis and multimedia",
"booksMoviesMusic": "Books, movies, music",
"hobbyAndPassion": "Hobby and passion",
"restaurantsAndBars": "Restaurants and bars",
"goingOutEntertainment": "Going out entertainment",
"goingOutCulture": "Going out culture",
"travel": "Travel",
"journey": "Plane/train/boat...",
"tuition": "Tuition",
"eduBooksAndSupplies": "Edu books and supplies",
"studentLoan": "Student loan",
"eduLessons": "Edu lessons",
"realEstateLoan": "Real estate loan",
"rent": "Rent",
"homeCharges": "Home charges",
"homeInsurance": "Home insurance",
"homeImprovement": "Home improvement",
"homeHardware": "Home hardware",
"water": "Water",
"power": "Power",
"internalTransfer": "Internal transfer",
"creditCardPayment": "Credit card payment",
"loanCredit": "Loan credit",
"professionalExpenses": "Professional expenses",
"investmentBuySell": "Investment buy sell",
"friendBorrowing": "Friend borrowing",
"savings": "Savings",
"kids": "Others : Children",
"dailyLife": "Others : Everyday life",
"educationAndTraining": "Others : Education, training",
"health": "Others : Health",
"homeAndRealEstate": "Others : Housing, real estate",
"incomeCat": "Others : Earning",
"activities": "Others : Leisure, sports",
"excludeFromBudgetCat": "Others : Out of budget",
"services": "Others : Services",
"tax": "Others : Taxes",
"transportation": "Others : Transportation, vehicles",
"goingOutAndTravel": "Others : Outings, trips",
"uncategorized": "Others : To be categorized"
"Categories": {
"choice": {
"title": "Update category"
"filter": {
"credit": "earnings",
"total": "Total",
"debit": "Total excl. earnings",
"includeIncome": "Include incomes"
"headers": {
"transactions": {
"single": "transaction",
"plural": "transactions"
"credit": "Credit",
"total": "Total",
"categories": "Category",
"subcategories": "Subcategory",
"debit": "Debit",
"movements": "Movements"
"board": {
"debit-header": "Spent",
"credit-header": "Earnings",
"total-header": "Total"
"title": {
"empty_text": "There is no transaction to analyze on this period",
"total": "On the period",
"general": "Categorization"
"Transactions": {
"title": "Movements",
"no-movements": "No movements to display",
"total": "Total",
"transactions": "Transactions",
"debit": "Debit",
"credit": "Credit",
"header": {
"date": "Date",
"description": "Description",
"amount": "Amount",
"action": "Action"
"actions": {
"refund": "Check your refunds",
"comment": "Comment - available soon",
"app": "%{appName}",
"bill": "1 invoice",
"alert": "Create an alert",
"attach": "Attach a document",
"konnector": {
"health": "My reimbursements",
"generic": "My invoices"
"more": "More",
"healthExpenseProcessed": {
"single": "1 reimbursement",
"plural": "%{nbReimbursements} reimbursements"
"healthExpensePending": "No reimbursement yet",
"healthExpenseBill": "%{vendor} Statement",
"vendorsGlue": "and",
"informativeModal": {
"health": {
"title": "Automatic tracking of your reimbursements",
"description": "Connect your %{brandName} account to your Cozy to automatically fetch your reimbursements."
"generic": {
"title": "Automatic fetching of my bills",
"description": "Connect your %{brandName} account to your Cozy to automatically fetch your bills."
"caption": "Your Cozy is totally private: nobody but you can access its content.",
"cancel": "Cancel",
"confirm": "Connect"
"infos": {
"account": "Account",
"institution": "Bank",
"originalBankLabel": "Original label"
"see-more": "See more..."
"Notifications": {
"title": "Notifications",
"description": "You will receive your notifications via email and via a mobile notification if you have the Cozy Banks mobile app on your device",
"weekly_summary": {
"description": "You will receive a summary of your expenses and revenues every Monday of every week.",
"title": "Weekly Synthesis"
"when_month_revenue": {
"description": "You will receive an email at the reception of your salary each month.",
"title": "Payment of salary"
"monthly_summary": {
"description": "You will receive a summary of your expenses and income each month.",
"title": "Monthly summary"
"if_balance_lower": {
"description": "You will receive a notification if your balance is less than",
"settingTitle": "Low balances",
"email": {
"innerTitle": "Low balances notification",
"access_accounts": "Access my accounts"
"notification": {
"one": {
"title": "Balance alert: '%{label}' account is at %{balance}%{currency}",
"debitContent": "Debit of %{amount}%{currency}: '%{label}'.",
"creditContent": "Credit of %{amount}%{currency}: '%{label}'."
"several": {
"title": "%{accountsLength} accounts are below your threshold amount of %{lowerBalance}%{currency}",
"content": "Balance of %{balance}%{currency} on '%{label}' account."
"if_transaction_greater": {
"description": "You will receive a notification if a movement is greater than",
"settingTitle": "Transactions",
"email": {
"innerTitle": "Transaction notification"
"notification": {
"debit": {
"title": "Debit of %{amount}%{currency}",
"content": "%{label}"
"credit": {
"title": "Credit of %{amount}%{currency}",
"content": "%{label}"
"others": {
"title": "Alert: %{transactionsLength} transactions greater than %{maxAmount}€",
"debitContent": "Debit of %{amount}%{currency} with label '%{label}'.",
"creditContent": "Credit of %{amount}%{currency} with label '%{label}'."
"no_revenue": {
"description": "You will be notified if you have not received your salary at the %{input} of each month.",
"title": "Salary Delay"
"when_health_bill_linked": {
"settingTitle": "Medical expenses coverage",
"email": {
"innerTitle": "New medical expenses coverage"
"description": "You will be notified when a reimbursement is found for a medical expense. This requires to connect your Cozy to your medical insurance.",
"notification": {
"title": "New medical expenses coverage",
"content": {
"title": "Health reimbursement notification",
"treated_by": "Treated by"
"email": {
"settings": "Settings",
"support": "Help and support"
"ComingSoon": {
"description": "These features will soon be available.",
"title": "To come up"
"Settings": {
"title": "Settings",
"accounts": "Accounts",
"groups": "Groups",
"configuration": "Configuration",
"app": "App"
"AppSettings": {
"reset": "reset",
"description": "By clicking Reset, you will be able to start your application over, and will only lose the data saved on your smartphone.",
"confirmation": {
"title": "Reset this application?",
"description": "By logging out of your Cozy, you will erase all data synchronized locally by your mobile application.",
"cancel": "Cancel",
"confirm": "Reset"
"Onboarding": {
"title": {
"desktop": "Connect your bank accounts",
"mobile": "Cozy Banks"
"connect-bank-account": "Connect your bank accounts",
"manage-budget": {
"description": "Summary of all your accounts at a glance",
"title": "Control your budget"
"save-time": {
"description": "Your invoices at your fingertips directly from your statements",
"title": "Save Time"
"cozy-assistant": {
"description": "Automatic follow-up of your medical expenses",
"title": "Cozy is working for you"
"wait-moments": "Please wait a few moments if you have just connected a bank. Your data will be displayed automatically !"
"mobile": {
"onboarding": {
"welcome": {
"title1": "Welcome to Cozy",
"title2": "Your own personal cloud",
"button": "Sign in to your Cozy",
"sign_up": "Sign up now!",
"no_account_link": "Don’t have an account? Request one here."
"server_selection": {
"description": "This is the web address you use to access your Cozy.",
"cozy_address_placeholder": "",
"button": "Next",
"wrong_address_with_email": "You typed an email address. To connect on your cozy you must type its url, something like",
"wrong_address_v2": "You have just entered the address of old Cozy version. This application is only compatible with the latest version. [Please refer to our site for more information.](",
"wrong_address": "This address doesn’t seem to be a cozy. Please check the address you provide.",
"wrong_address_cosy": "Woops, the address is not correct. Try with \"\" with a \"z\"!"
"password": {
"placeholder": "Password",
"description": "You need to choose a strong password. Use numbers, uppercase latters, special characters…"
"email": {
"cozy_email_placeholder": "",
"description": "We will send you an email to confirm the creation of your Cozy.",
"invalid": "This doesn't seem to be a valid email address.",
"taken": "There's already a Cozy bound to this email address."
"instance": {
"placeholder": "tonystark",
"description": "This is the web address you use to sign it to your Cozy. It might be a good idea to write it down.",
"existing": "This internet address is already used. Try adding extra characters.",
"blacklisted": "This internet address is not available.",
"invalid": "This internet address is not valid."
"waiting": {
"description": "Preparing *%{domain}*…"
"revoked": {
"title": "Access revoked",
"description": "It appears you revoked this device from your Cozy. If you didn't, please let us know at All your local data related to your Cozy will be removed.",
"loginagain": "Log in again",
"logout": "Log out"
"FileOpener": {
"error": "Unable to find the file. It may have been deleted in the Drive application."
"TOS": {
"updated": {
"title": "GDPR comes into reality !",
"detail": "In the context of the General Data Protection Regulation, [our Terms of Service have been updated](%{link}) and will apply to all our Cozy users on May 25, 2018.",
"cta": "Accept TOS and continue",
"disconnect": "Refuse and disconnect",
"error": "Something went wrong, please try again later"
"BalanceHistory": {
"subtitle": "All accounts"
"LogoutModal": {
"message": "Logout in progress..."
"AdvancedFeaturesSettings": {
"title": "Advanced features",
"automatic_categorization": {
"title" :"Automatic categorization",
"local_model_override": {
"description": "Learn from my manual categorizations"
"auto_categorization": {
"description": "Help us improve the model by anonymously sharing your categorized transactions. <a href='' target='_blank'>More</a>"
"balance_history": {
"title": "Balance history chart",
"show_chart": {
"description": "Build my balance history chart"
"KonnectorUpdateInfo": {
"title": "Update of your banking connections",
"content": "A latest version of our banking connection has been released. You need to sign the new terms of service. <a href='' target='_blank'>Learn more</a>.",
"cta": "Update my banks"