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Cozy Controller Carapace

Carapace is an process wrapper for Node.js applications that are spawned with the Cozy Controller.


  • chdir - directory to change into
  • setuid - set the uid of the spawned process
  • setgid - set the gid of the spawned process
  • setgroups - set the groups of the spawned process
  • net - automatically listen on a new port if EADDRINUSE is thrown


In your project folder type:

  $ npm install cozy-controller-carapace --save

Run Tests

All of the carapace tests are written in Vows.

    git clone
    cd cozy-controller-carapace
    npm test


Cozy Home is developed by Cozy Cloud and distributed under the AGPL v3 license. The previous version was written by Nodejitsu []

What is Cozy?

Cozy Logo

Cozy is a platform that brings all your web services in the same private space. With it, your web apps and your devices can share data easily, providing you with a new experience. You can install Cozy on your own hardware where no one profiles you.


You can reach the Cozy Community by:

  • Chatting with us on IRC #cozycloud on
  • Posting on our Forum
  • Posting issues on the Github repos
  • Mentioning us on Twitter