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Enhance request API. #2

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In the request API, the HTTP method PUT is used either to manage the CouchDB request code and to delete results of the CouchDB request.
I would have used PUT for code management and POST for results handling.
Here is what I suggest :

'Request code' handling :
PUT /request/:req_name/
DELETE /request/:req_name/

'Request results' handling :
POST /request/:req_name/
POST /request/:req_name/destroy
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I agree with the first part. But second part is still ambiguous. Why do you choose the POST verb for both of these routes ?


In the current API, POST is used to retrieve the request result. My opinion is that deleting documents matching a request is quite the same operation as retrieving the documents. Thus I would use the same HTTP method.

Hope I'm understandable.


What should we do about this issue?

I suggest we close it but in the same time we open a new one discussing API improvements that could (should?) be done in order to make the DS API more RESTful.

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