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Cozy Documentation

Learn how to use Cozy, host your own server and develop applications.

Edit this documentation

This documentation is built with MkDocs.

To edit the documentation, just edit the files inside src.

If you want to see your updates, install mkdocs:

pip install --user mkdocs

Fetch external documentation and add it to mkdocs.yml (do not commit this the changes in References) :

pip install -r requirements.txt
./ --fetch

Expected python version is 2.7.10

Run MkDocs:

mkdocs serve

And point your favorite browser to

External documentations

External documentations are listed in the OUTSIDE_DOCS file. They are consolidated in this documentation during build. This lets developers edit their documentation in their repository while the single site makes it convenient to search for information only in one location.

Each repository maintains its own table of contents, which controls what is shown under the References menu.

See ./, and ./ scripts for more information.

When are the docs deployed ?

The documentation is built automatically by Travis

  • when the dev is pushed
  • every day (since we cannot detect changes in external documentations)

After the build, it is available on

To test the whole site:

rm -rf docs/*
cp index.html docs/
mkdocs build -f mkdocs.yml
cd site/
python -m SimpleHTTPServer