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bnjbvr commented Apr 10, 2013


From the moment I have tagged items in my list, a new empty tag appears in the list of tags (after having reloaded the page).


  • Is this empty tag normal?
  • This empty tag could be used for untagged items, but in this case a label "untagged" would be nice.
  • Clicking on this empty tag doesn't do anything (no request to the API are sent).

frankrousseau commented Apr 11, 2013

To make things simpler, we prefer to no allow empty tag. So, let's consider this as a bug.

I pushed a correction that removes the possibility to add an empty tag to a task. That should be enough. Could you update your app, remove empty tags and try again ?

frankrousseau added a commit that referenced this issue Apr 11, 2013

bnjbvr commented Apr 11, 2013

Problem is not solved neither on my instance nor demo instance.

Actually, I wasn't typing a empty tag. The problem comes from the moment when at least, one single item contains any tag. So you may have one item "#test Example of tagged item" and no other items in every lists. In this case, the empty tag will show up in the left list of tags.


frankrousseau commented Apr 11, 2013

Was there any special chars in your tag ?

bnjbvr commented Apr 11, 2013

No, the tag was "#task". It is also present in the demo instance.


frankrousseau commented Apr 12, 2013

I think it's due to an old task that still has the empty tag. I pushed some change to not display the empty tag anymore. Could you update and try again ?

By the way I solved the problem of undeletable tasks. Thank you for reporting this too.

bnjbvr commented Apr 12, 2013

Still present, after updating of the app and cache clearing...

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