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Flag -frc2cord added

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Matthias Krack
Matthias Krack committed Jan 28, 2016
1 parent fded8dd commit 23de770b5cf63564370caa3570de1653aa47df4b
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  1. +5 −3 cp2k/tools/dumpdcd.f90
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ PROGRAM dumpdcd
! - VEL to CORD (-vel2cord flag) hack added (25.06.2012,MK)
! - Added -displacement (-disp) flag (26.06.2012,MK)
! - Dump the atomic displacements (CORD file) or temperatures (VEL file as x-coordinates of a DCD file (28.06.2012,MK)
! - FRC to CORD (-frc2cord flag) hack added (28.01.2016,MK)
! Note: For -ekin a XYZ file is required to obtain the atomic labels.
! The -info and the -debug flags provide a more detailed output which is especially handy for tracing problems.
@@ -66,7 +67,7 @@ PROGRAM dumpdcd
REAL(KIND=sp) :: dt
REAL(KIND=dp) :: a,alpha,b,beta,c,eps_out_of_box,gamma,tavg,tavg_frame,x
REAL(KIND=dp) :: a,alpha,b,beta,c,eps_out_of_box,gamma,tavg,tavg_frame
REAL(KIND=dp), DIMENSION(3) :: rdum
REAL(KIND=dp), DIMENSION(:), ALLOCATABLE :: atomic_displacement,atomic_mass,atomic_temperature
@@ -227,7 +228,7 @@ PROGRAM dumpdcd
trace_atoms = .TRUE.
CYCLE dcd_file_loop
108 CALL abort_program(routine_name,"Invalid threshold value for -trace_atoms flag specified")
CASE ("-vel2cord","-v2c")
CASE ("-vel2cord","-v2c","-frc2cord","-f2c")
vel2cord = .TRUE.
CYCLE dcd_file_loop
CASE ("-xyz","xyz_file")
@@ -437,7 +438,7 @@ PROGRAM dumpdcd
CALL abort_program(routine_name,"pbc flags require that unit cell information is available")
IF (TRIM(ADJUSTL(id_dcd)) == "VEL") THEN
IF ((TRIM(ADJUSTL(id_dcd)) == "FRC").OR.(TRIM(ADJUSTL(id_dcd)) == "VEL")) THEN
unit_string = "[a.u.]"
IF (apply_pbc) CALL abort_program(routine_name,"pbc flags require a DCD file with COoRDinates")
@@ -1108,6 +1109,7 @@ SUBROUTINE print_help()
" dumpdcd -o new.dcd -of dcd -pbc -trace_atoms 0.02 old.dcd (all atoms more than 2% out of the box are listed)",&
" dumpdcd -o new.dcd -e out_of_box.log -of dcd -pbc -trace_atoms 0.1 old.dcd (atoms more than 10% out of the box are listed)",&
" dumpdcd -o new.dcd -of dcd -vel2cord old.dcd (dump old.dcd as new.dcd and change only the DCD id string from VEL to CORD)",&
" dumpdcd -o new.dcd -of dcd -frc2cord old.dcd (dump old.dcd as new.dcd and change only the DCD id string from FRC to CORD)",&
" dumpdcd -i -disp UO2-2x2x2-pos-1.dcd (dump the displacements of all atoms w.r.t. their positions in the first frame)",&
" dumpdcd -i -of dcd -disp UO2-2x2x2-pos-1.dcd (dump the atomic displacements as x-coordinates of a DCD CORD file)",&
" dumpdcd -i -of dcd -ekin -v2c -xyz UO2-2x2x2-vel-1.dcd (dump the atomic temperatures as x-coordinates of a ",&

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