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use double precision to fix convention violation
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pseewald committed May 4, 2020
1 parent b04255b commit 39a048bdf36b9b3567f59fb051ea276b2d3e727f
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
@@ -1157,7 +1157,7 @@ SUBROUTINE hfx_ri_init_read_input(ri_data, ri_section, qs_kind_set, &
CALL section_vals_val_get(ri_section, "MEMORY_CUT", i_val=ri_data%n_mem)

IF (ri_data%flavor == ri_pmat) THEN
ri_data%n_mem = FLOOR(SQRT(REAL(ri_data%n_mem) - 0.1)) + 1
ri_data%n_mem = FLOOR(SQRT(REAL(ri_data%n_mem, dp) - 0.1)) + 1

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mkrack May 6, 2020


Why is the type conversion for ri_data%n_mem performed explicitly and then 0.1 and not 0.1_dp is added as a constant?

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pseewald May 6, 2020

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You're right, this commit is nonsense since the arithmetic is done in single precision anyway. The purpose of this commit was just to quickly fix coding conventions.


ri_data%orb_basis_type = orb_basis_type

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