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benchmarks/RPA: fix benchmark name for 32 H2O

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shoshijak authored and oschuett committed Jan 13, 2020
1 parent 688071a commit 8e9f61f178407ef6f9eaabe07cd8bd8e1de89981
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
- [`H2O-32-PBE-TZ.inp`](H2O-32-PBE-TZ.inp): needed to generate an initial DFT wfn (RPA, MP2)
- [`H2O-32-HF-TZ.inp`](H2O-32-HF-TZ.inp): needed to refine DFT wfn at HF level (MP2)
- [`H2O-32-RI-MP2-TZ.inp`](H2O-32-RI-MP2-TZ.inp): actual RI-MP2 benchmark (MP2)
- [`H2O-32-RI-RPA-TZ.inp`](H2O-32-RI-RPA-TZ.inp): actual RI-RPA benchmark (RPA)
- [`H2O-32-RI-dRPA-TZ.inp`](H2O-32-RI-dRPA-TZ.inp): actual RI-RPA benchmark (RPA)

the additional files [`t_c_g.dat`](../../../data/t_c_g.dat) and [`POTENTIAL`](../../../data/POTENTIAL) are taken from [cp2k/data](../../../data) directory.

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