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Hello World! 3rd Edition macOS Software Package

PLEASE NOTE: If you're just getting started with the book and want to download the macOS installer, please visit

This software package includes everything you need to use Hello World! 3rd Edition on a Mac in an easy-to-use app bundle. You don't need to be an administrator to install it, and you don't need to download Homebrew or run any Terminal commands.

Software included

  • Python 3, a programming language designed to be easy to learn
  • Qt 5, a library for making graphical user interfaces
  • PyQt, a module for using Qt in Python
  • SDL, a library for graphics, sound, and input in games
  • Pygame, a module for using SDL in Python
  • Tcl/Tk, another GUI library needed for IDLE and Easygui
  • Telnet, a command-line program for sending data over the Internet (version from Apple Open Source)
  • Various other open-source libraries needed by this software

Compiling this package yourself

You do not need to do this to use the book -- visit to download a copy of the software package that's already been compiled for you.

To compile this software package, you'll need a recent version of macOS and a copy of Xcode. (The command-line tools you get by running xcode-select --install won't cut it. You need the full version of Xcode.) Clone a copy of this repository that includes submodules:

$ git clone --recursive

(If you accidentally cloned the repository without submodules, run git submodule update --init --recursive.)

Then, run these commands to start compiling the package:

$ cd hello-world-3-mac/mac
$ make -j4

Make will download a few more files and compile all of the software in parallel. (The -j4 tells Make to run 4 compilation tasks at once. You might want to make the number bigger or smaller if your computer is especially fast or slow.) The build process will take a while, but when it's done, you should hopefully have an app bundle in mac/dist/


Mac software package for Hello World! 3rd Edition







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